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Winery Mühlenhof - Jochen Seibert

As a family business, we rely on the experience of several generations of viticulture. For you we produce contemporary wines in great variety - also Winzersekte, brandies & liqueurs! Throughout Germany, our regular customers from private households, gastronomy and hotels have been relying on our wines and personal attention since 1986. We want to lead our winery sustainably and in harmony with nature. That is why we have been operating geometically assisted viticulture since 2008. This creates important prerequisites for an optimal and, if possible, interference-free growth of our vineyards. Since 2011, we have been the first winery for geomantic research since 2011.

English and French speaking visitos are welcome.

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Weingut Mühlenhof - Wein von Seibert
Jochen und Jan Seibert
Mainzer Straße 50 55270 Schwabenheim