Winery Schulz, © Weingut Schulz© Weingut Schulz

Winery Schulz

We are a traditional family winery and have the right wine for every occasion. Our natural management of the vineyards is the basis of our wines. Only through this conscientious care, the vines can exploit their full potential and produce the best grapes. These are then vinified with much commitment in our cellar and trned into elegant and diverse wines. We use the experience of previous generations and the technology of today. Get
to know us and our wines during a leisurely wine tasting in our elegant and high-quality wine shop. With Sarah and Thilo Schulz, the Schulz winery is being managed in the 4th generation in Weinolsheim. In 2010 we created optimal conditions for the winemaking and wine presentation by making a new cellar building, that includes a spacious vinotheque.
Our vinotheque offers space for up to 50 people for your events and celebrations. The entire premises, as well as the terrace, are barrier-free. The vinotheque has an acoustic ceiling for noise reduction, which ensures a low noise level in a full dining room. In the ceiling, a screen and a projector are integrated for presentations or slideshows, which can be easily removed by remote control when needed.
For groups of 10 pepople or more, we offer wine tasting with a Winzervesper (winemaker's lunch). In addition to this wine tasting, you are welcome to visit us unannounced on our opening dates. On these dates, our wine shop is open for wine tasting and wine sales and we are happy to assist you with recommendations and questions. After the tasting, we put together your wines and you can take them home directly.

On the estate only Germa is spoken. 

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Winery Schulz 1
Winery Schulz, © Weingut Schulz
Winery Schulz
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Winery Schulz 2
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About us

  • Winemaker Thilo Schulz
  • Vineyard-area 20 hectare

Contact details:

Weingut Schulz
Thilo Schulz
Brochonstr. 16 55278 Weinolsheim

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Winery Schulz

Processed vineyards

Dalheimer Kranzberg

Dalheimer Kranzberg

Kranz family or wrath around the village? 

Is the single vineyard placed like a wreath (German: “Kranz”) around Dalheim? That would be a nice explanation, but unfortunately no. The site does, however, lie around one side of the village, from east to south to west. It was mentioned in a document in 1418 with the name "off dem Crausberge". It is assumed that a personal name was decisive. The various vines thrive on clay marl and loess. Incidentally, the fossil-rich sands in this area belong to the Stadecken Formation and were deposited in the Mainz Basin area about 30 million years ago. Hikers are recommended to visit the Graunsberg hut near the site: an approximately 150-year-old earth-covered building with barrel vaults. The "Amiche" cycle route runs close to the village of Dalheim.

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Niersteiner Schloß Schwabsburg

Niersteiner Schloss Schwabsburg (Schwabsburg Castle in Nierstein)

Old castle walls and Riesling

Where once was a castle, today only the castle tower is left. It is not known who built the castle. Historians estimate that it was built between 1125 and 1245 during the Staufer period. Hikers can picnic on the lawn in front of the ruins. The single vineyard is named after the former castle. A variety of grape varieties grow on loess and red sandstone, mainly Riesling. The wines are dense with intense aromas.

> Discover the single vineyard via the Five Towers Hike:

> About the regional history of Schwabsburg:

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Weinolsheimer Kehr

Weinolsheimer Kehr

The word “Kehr” is a synonym for loop or serpentine. The plough turn as an interpretation for this can be ruled out, books say. The name of the vineyard is interpreted as a bend in the path. But don't all terrain forms have bends? Well then. The first mention of the site dates back to 1465. Different vines grow on loess, heavy clay and loam soils and limestone. The wines, especially Rieslings, are full-bodied and extremely dense, fruity and juicy. A vineyard hut with benches and a table offers a rest and a view.

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Alternativbild für

The designation of a hallway with this name rarely indicates the precious metal, but rather is an expression of general appreciation.
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