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Winery Seck

The Seck winery is located in the wine village Dolgesheim. In Dolgesheim wine-growing tradition has been existing for more than 1200 years. Until 2010, the winery was expanded further with new marketing rooms and guest rooms. Three generations work in the winery: Claudia and Axel, the children Alicia, Jakob and Georg, as well as the grandparents Ida and Klaus Seck. We cultivate 17 hectares of vineyards according to ecological guidelines and are members of Naturland.

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About us

  • Vineyard-area 19 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export
  • Non-Alcoholic Wines

Contact details:

Weingut Seck
Axel Seck
Weinolsheimer Straße 12 55278 Dolgesheim

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Winery Seck

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Winery Seck

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Processed vineyards

Dolgesheimer Kreuzberg

Dolgesheimer Kreuzberg

Simple wayside cross with view towards Petersberg

The single site runs west of the village, in the direction of Petersberg. It was mentioned in a document in 1501 with the name "am Crutzeberge". The site designation is based on an old field cross. A "Flur" is a delimited piece of land, thus an area designation. In former times one also spoke of "Flurnamen", quasi a similar counterpart to today's site designations. There is still a cross on the Kreuzberg today, but it is a classic, simple wayside cross. A bench invites you to rest. Different grape varieties grow all around on sand and loam marl as well as loess.

> Discover the single vineyard site with the "Hike around Dolgesheim"
> Many vineyards contain the term "cross": Ockenheimer Kreuz or Oppenheimer Kreuz. 

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The name of the single layer must be interpreted as a protection or field guard hut.
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