winery-stefan-liver, © Weingut Stefan Leber© Weingut Stefan Leber

Winery Stefan Leber

At the gates of the wine town of Mainz, this Hechtsheim winery can be found. Most of the vineyards are located beside the sun-drenched Rhine front in Laubenheim and Bodenheim, where the most important grape varieties of Riesling and Pinot Gris grow and thrive. In the Leber winery you will find an extensive portfolio of exotic and international wines, which are developed in different flavors. Stefan Leber is responsible for the well-being of the vineyards and the development of the wines. With his motto "Joy of life - love of nature - passion for wine" he succeeds time and develops individual top wines.

logo-leber_1, © Weingut Stefan Leber
winery-stefan-liver, © Weingut Stefan Leber

About us

  • Vineyard-area 12 hectare
  • Selection Rheinhessen
  • Sylvaner

Contact details:

Weingut Stefan Leber
Stefan Leber
Klein-Winternheimer Weg 4 55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

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Gutsausschank Leber

Gutsausschank Leber

Gutsschänke; Cuisine: good middle-class
Tip: "Poor Leuts" Rumpsteak (baked onion with onions and fried potatoes), Leber's house schnitzel (Schnitzel with liver sausage and gratinated with cheese), "Schorscheteller" (cold roast with sauce remoulade)
Price category for a main course: up to 12 EUR

Seats: inside 110, outside 80, closed Gesell. possible, sep. room 110
Hot food: 17 - 21:30
Open Rheinhessen wines: 18

Distance to the bus stop: 200 m, distance to the cycle track: 10 m, distance to the hiking trail: 10 m, private parking lot, in-house bus parking, credit card payments required, reservation required, overnight stays

In the cozy Gutsausschank of the winery Liver guests are fed since August 2009 by Volker Mayer and his team. The guest room can accommodate 70 people. Another 40 seats are available in the Rote Salon. This can be booked for celebrations. In summer, the visitor can expect a beautiful courtyard with another 80 seats. Delicious dishes paired with the excellent wines of the winemaker Stefan Leber are the ideal prerequisite for nice hours in the Gutsausschank. Parking is available directly at the house, also with public transport, the Gutsausschank is easy to reach (last stop Bürgerhaus tram line 50/51). Mr. Volker Mayer and the whole team are looking forward to the visit.

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Processed vineyards

Laubenheimer Johannisberg

Laubenheimer Johannisberg

Saint John and the vineyards by the river Rhein

Isn't the village of Johannisberg in Rheingau? Yes. But it was a Mainz archbishop who settled a community of monks there around 1100 and dedicated the basilica to St. John the Baptist. The name of the single vineyard in Mainz-Laubenheim refers to the former property of the Johanniskloster. The location is magnificent, above the district, with a breathtaking view over the river and Ried in Hessen. The "3-Lagen-Wanderung" of the Mainz winegrowers leads through the Laubenheim vineyards. A wide variety of grape varieties grow on loess and limestone loam.

> Information on Johannisberg Monastery in the Rheingau:
> To the Mainzer Winzer 3-Lagen-Wanderung through the Laubenheim vineyards:
> Rheinhessen blog:

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Alternativbild für Bodenheimer Heitersbrünnchen

Bodenheimer Heitersbrünnchen

In this situation springs a small spring. The determinative word in the layer name is based on a personal name.

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