Winery Steigerhof

The philosophy at Steigerhof is to combine tradition with modernity. Winemaker Albert Ackermann (1st generation) and daughter Jennifer Ackermann (winemaker 2nd generation) complement each other in every way. Father Albert Ackermann does the vineyard work and daughter Jennifer proves that she can do it in the cellar. "Our goal is to produce individual and wholesome wines, which have a lot of fruit potential and variety typicality. From the filigree Silvaner to the dense Cabernet Mitos, from the fruity Pinot Noir to the heavy Pinot Gris - inspiring variety, directly from the vintner. "

The wines of the two masters can be tasted 5 evenings a week in the in-house Gutsschänke. Again, you always meet one of the two Ackermänner.

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Weingut Steigerhof
Jennifer Ackermann
Steigerhof 55296 Harxheim