Blees-Wallich winery

Space for 40 people, rustic wine bar with a beautiful outdoor area. Outside seats 20-30.
Motto wine tastings such as chocolate and wine, bread and wine, summer festivals and mulled wine evenings.

Grape varieties: from classic to modern
Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Faberrebe, Pinot Gris, Kerner, Ortega,
red: Dornfelder, Pinot Noir, Portuguese
Rarities: Auslese, Bererenauslese

1532019608092, © Weingut Blees-Wallich
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© Weingut Blees-Wallich
© Weingut Blees-Wallich

About us

  • Winemaker Sonja Blees-Wallich
  • Vineyard-area 5 hectare
  • sparkling wine
  • architecture
  • Federweißer
  • mulled wine

Contact details:

Weingut Blees-Wallich
Gundi Blees-Wallich
Schulstraße 52 55270 Jugenheim

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Blees-Wallich winery

1532019608092, © Weingut Blees-Wallich

Blees-Wallich winery

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Processed vineyards

Jugenheimer Goldberg

Jugenheimer Goldberg (Gold Mountain of Jugenheim)

A mountain like gold and the white tower 

Jugenheim is also one of the "golden vineyards of Rheinhessen". Again, there is no vein of gold in the ground here. What a shame! But it is a highly valued, one could say "gold-valued" site. Vines of all kinds thrive on loess-loam and lime marl. The Jugenheim wine hike leads around the Goldberg. Worth seeing and a nice place to rest: the white tower. The "Selztal Terroir Route 1" starts in Jugendheim. There, soil profiles are shown – touch the terroir. Wine tables invite you to take a break.

> To other Rheinhessen sites with the term gold: Siefersheimer Goldenes Horn or Armsheimer Goldstückchen
> To the Selz Valley Terroir Routes:,%20Freizeit,%20Sport/Tourismus/Selztal-Terroir-Route/

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