PFAFF WINES guest house on the pilgrims' path

Wine enjoyment - the special way of life
Enjoying with all senses, that is how we present our varietal wines according to the vintage. As a small family winery we rely on tradition with a special way of life. Our Mediterranean courtyard design with outdoor seating in the wine pavilion invites you to enjoy. Convince yourself of our refreshing and different wines and visit us in our guest house. We want to inspire you with our idealism around our wine region. Great wines, hospitality and quality of life await you here.

German and English are spoken on the estate.


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About us

Contact details:

Weingut Pfaff/ Gästehaus am Pilgerpfad
Ingeborg Pfaff-Hofmann
Kämmerergasse 2/ Gaustraße 6 67596 Dittelsheim-Heßloch

Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Heßlocher Mondschein

Heßlocher Mondschein

The location was mentioned in 1494 with the name "in the moonlight". The name refers to the high-altitude fields that shine in the moonlight.

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Heßlocher Liebfrauenberg

Heßlocher Liebfrauenberg

The dear lady, pilgrims and west winds

In the Middle Ages, on a high plateau about 215 metres above sea level, a Gothic Church of Our Lady actually stood here, together with a hospital courtyard for feeding pilgrims. It was built by the Lords of Dalberg. The location was given the name "in unser lieben frauen padt" in 1524 and "am Liebfrauenberg" in 1737. Today, the foundations still rest under the vines. The "Mariensäule", a monument in the middle of the vineyard, and the name of the single vineyard still remind us of the once highly revered site. The poor soil is characterised by heavy lime marl, with a massive lime reef resting in the subsoil. Cool westerly winds cause the grapes to ripen late. A top site for salty, mineral and complex Rieslings.

> Discover this single vineyard via the Jakobsweg or other routes in the vicinity, such as the Bohnerz-Weg: 

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