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Wein- und Obsthof Michael and Christoph Eckert- Dreimorgenhof

Our family-run wine and fruit farm, the Dreimorgenhof, is located between Klein-Winternheim and Nieder-Olm. We are a typical Rheinhessen mixed farm with viticulture, fruits, agriculture and asparagus.
In our year-round farm shop we offer our wines from the hand of young winemaker Christoph Eckert, and depending on the season, various fruits, asparagus and potatoes. Everything from own cultivation.

On the estate English and German are spoken.

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About us

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Wein- und Obsthof Michael und Christoph Eckert- Dreimorgenhof
Michael und Christoph Eckert
Beelitzweg 2 55270 Ober-Olm

Processed vineyards

Klein-Winternheimer Geiershölle

Klein-Winternheimer Geiershölle (Vulture’s hell of Klein-Winternheim)

Sacred caves and predatory birds

No vultures, no hell, but a Madonna in “Mariengrotte” (Mary’s cave). Today, we usually think of vultures as very large scavengers. In the Middle Ages, however, the word meant birds of prey, i.e. hawks or buzzards. The naming of the vineyard is due to the appearance of this bird species. Klein-Winternheim invites you to walk along the Panoramaweg with its vineyard swing, on which a small family can comfortably sit. The Mariengrotte with its Madonna is worth seeing. The bright red vineyard house can be seen from far away.

> To other single vineyards with the name "Geier": Dittelsheimer Geiersberg
> Also not far away: the Wilhelm Holzamer literature trail:
> To the panorama trail:

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Ober-Olmer Kapellenberg

Ober-Olmer Kapellenberg (Chapel Hill of Ober-Olm)

The little chapel naming the vineyard

The name of the single vineyard comes from the small chapel on the outskirts of Ober-Olm, the St. Valentinus Chapel. It was mentioned as early as 1342. The present building is a late Gothic hall church that was extended around 1720 in Baroque style. The chapel was formerly the destination of pilgrimages to St. Valentine, the emergency helper of those suffering from the "falling sickness". A wide variety of grape varieties thrive on clay marl and limestone. The single vineyard sites are widely distributed: The largest area lies on the outskirts of Ober-Olm in the direction of Essenheim, smaller areas lie to the north-east in the direction of Klein-Winternheim and to the east towards Ebersheim.

> A circular route of the municipality of Ober-Olm, also to the chapel:
> Nearby: the Ober-Olper forest

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