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Wine & Sektgut Hemer GbR

Organic winery (ECOVIN), careful treatment of grapes, love for Pinots, noble red wine blends and oak barrels, wide range of fresh-fruity and full-bodied white wines, flexible and reliable partner for trade and gastronomy, very good value for money. New: Vegan certification since 2014, high quality new equipment for the wines and sparkling wines, 2013 GREEN TOUGH® and PINKZEUG®.

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About us

  • Winemaker Andreas Hemer
  • Vineyard-area 35 hectare
  • specialist trade

Contact details:

Wein- & Sektgut Hemer GbR
Stefan und Andreas Hemer
Rathausstraße 1 67550 Worms-Abenheim