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Wine and champagne Nikolaushof

The family winery is located in the tourist town of Gau-Algesheim. Moderate yields through sustainable management are the endeavor of winemaker Klaus Hattemer. With utmost care he produces wholesome and fruity wines and sparkling wines. His special passion is his own Winzersekt, which is produced on the estate. High awards have been achieved here for years. Enjoyment tip: In winter and in spring, the Hattemer family welcomes guests in their Gutsausschank with great wines and culinary delights from the Gutsküche.

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About us

  • Vineyard-area 18 hectare
  • sparkling wine
  • Selection Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Wein- und Sektgut Nikolaushof - Hattemer
Klaus Hattemer
Ockenheimer Straße 8 55435 Gau-Algesheim

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Operating mode: Gutsschänke

Cuisine: seasonal, regional, vegetarian

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes made from fresh and regional ingredients, some of which are typical of the region, while others are new and modern interpretations. The cosy seats with a view of the open fire are all the more enjoyable in the early hours of darkness and the cool outside temperatures. In the Nikolaushof wine bar, you can taste the hotel's own wines in a cosy atmosphere - the whole Hattemer family puts their heart and soul into it.

The Hattemer family is also happy to organise private parties on request (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, etc.).

Warm kitchen: Fr 18:00 - 22:00

Main courses: 4,00 - 15,50 Euro

Open Rheinhessen wines: 25

Seating capacity: 90 inside | up to 200 outside at the courtyard party

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Processed vineyards

Gau-Algesheimer Goldberg

Gau-Algesheimer Goldberg (Golden hill of Gau Algesheim)

As valuable as gold: mineral Rieslings

No, you cannot mine for gold here. Unless you are a winegrower. Because the vines from this single vineyard produce great wines. The name does not actually refer to a precious metal, but to the general appreciation of the soil. Heavy, sandy loam soils mix with lime marl and calcareous clay. This gives the Riesling in particular an unmistakable minerality and tension. In October, the people of Gau-Algesheim invite you to the "Fest des Jungen Weines" (engl. Festival of young wine”) on the market square (Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET).

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> To the Rheinhessen AUSGEZEICHNET events: Festival of the young wine

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