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Winery & Country Hotel in Klostereck Strubel-Roos

The DLG-recommended Strubel-Roos winery and the associated country hotel are built on historical grounds in Flonheim: In the 12th century there was an Augustinian monastery. On the 2.5m wide monastery foundations today the red and white wine cellars can be found. It has been proven that the family already lived and worked there in the 17th century. 23 different grape varieties are grown here, perfectly adapted to soil and location. In the vineyards alreay, care is taken to reduce yields and improve quality by cutting and pruning. To be a part of it live is the motto and with a bit of luck, the guests can watch their hosts disgorging sparkling wines. With great enthusiasm, Dipl. Ing. Karl Rainer Roos explains the method Champenoise, which he learned to appreciate during his studies in Geisenheim and France. A special feature of the house is the Pinot Blanc sparkling wine produced like a Crémant. Many awards in recent years stand for the success of the business.

On the estate, English, French and German are spoken.

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Weingut & Landhotel im Klostereck Strubel-Roos
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