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Winery Beck - Hedesheimer Hof

Together with his wife Doris, Michael Beck has taken over the direction in the winery Hedesheimer Hof in Stadecken-Elsheim and is well positioned all around. Anyone who knows Michael Beck knows that he is difficult to classify. He is a distinct individualist and yet at the same time one of the eight characters of the youngest winegrower group in Germany: "Simply Wine". Nevertheless: Michael Beck knows his roots and relies on tried and tested: classic grape varieties in the classic vineyards of Selztal combined with a strict quality management are the formula for success for his wines. "Less is more" is the winemaker's solution, when it comes to yield. Hand picking is standard. The Hedesheimer Hof is one of the Winzersekt pioneers and protagonist for top-notch drinks according to the classical method.

© Weingut Beck - Hedesheimer Hof
Beck__Stadecken-Elsheim2, © Weingut Beck - Hedesheimer Hof

About us

  • Winemaker Christoph Beck
  • Vineyard-area 29.5 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export
  • Ab-Hof/Vinotheque
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen
  • Guest room
  • Ecologically certified
  • Historical grape varieties

Contact details:

Weingut Beck - Hedesheimer Hof
Michael Beck
Schildweg 2 55271 Stadecken-Elsheim

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Rent a Picknick

Picknick am Wanderweg


In the vineyards around the Stadecker Warte the wines enjoy hiking where they grow. Just order a picnic backpack at the winery Hedesheimer Hof or the butchery Hamm, pick it up and head for one of the winery's beautiful picnic spot recommendations. To picnic.Backpack include: 1-2 fl. Estate wine / grape juice, 1 bottle Water, hearty home-made sausages, vegetables of the season, eggs, various cheeses, baguette and farmhouse bread, picnic blanket and directions

Picnic backpack (2 adults, 2 children): EUR 35,00
Picnic backpack (2 adults): EUR 25,00
Picnic backpack (4 adults): EUR 40.00

(Individual wine selection possible, possibly for a surcharge)

Bookable for Wed-Fri 2pm to 7pm; Sat 9 am to 4 pm and by appointment.
Order Mon-Sun until 12 o'clock 1 day in advance.
Cancellation also one day in advance until 12 o'clock.


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Processed vineyards

Elsheimer Blume

Elsheimer Blume (Flower of Elsheim)

Romantic or economic thinking? Successful either way.

Was it delightful field flowers, such as corn poppies or delphiniums, that led to the name? Or does it refer – not very romantically - to the Middle High German word "blum" for yield? Did a Mister Blume once live here? We do not know. The lime and sandy marl soil is rich in nutrients and well aerated. The wines from this top vineyard seem particularly aromatic and delicate. Riesling, Chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe and Portugieser grow here.

> To the single vineyards of the neighboring community of Stadecken: Lenchen and Spitzberg
> To the hike: Adam-Elsheimer circular route
> On the photo in the background: a new vineyard tower.

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Elsheimer Bockstein

Elsheimer Bockstein

Time out for sophisticated Rieslings and Pinot Noirs

Goat? Difficult soil? Jacked up? In German, all these words include the expression “Bock”. There are various interpretations on where the vineyard’s name is originated. Did the Romans once sacrifice goats here? Not very likely. The brown loam limestone soil can certainly be difficult sometimes. Or this is at least, what the winemakers say. Jacked up could be right, because in the area of the single vineyard there was once a resting place on the old army road. A rack for storing loads, the German word is “Bockstein”, sounds more likely. What we know, is that sophisticated Rieslings and Pinot Noirs ideally ripen here. With fine fruit notes and a refreshing mineral acidity. Also visible in the photos: a round-domed trullo.

> To the other sites of Elsheim: Tempelchen.
> The Selz River and the Selz Valley Cycle Path pass not far from the vineyard.

> Elsheim is part of Stadecken-Elsheim. The Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte starts here.

> Further information: https://stadecken-elsheim.de/tourismus-wein/

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Stadecker Lenchen

Stadecker Lenchen

To lend, to lean on - best to drink up!

The vineyard name comes either from the word "Lehen" meaning "lent property" or from the word "Berglehne", an outdated word for mountain slope. The second would be correct, at least geographically, because the "Lenchen" nestles on the slope. Silvaner, Pinot Gris or Riesling grow here on loess, sand and clay marl. The almost ten-kilometre-long hike "Stadecker Warte" offers great panoramic views over the lower Selz valley, various resting places and shows soil profiles. At the top of the plateau, the "Stadecker Warte", which stands on the border of the "Spitzberg" single vineyard, welcomes you.

> Info about the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte: https://www.rheinhessen.de/hiwweltouren/hiwweltour-stadecker-warte
> About the other sites of Stadecken: Spitzberg
> Rheinhessen-Blog: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/10-schoenste-rastplaetze-hiwweltour-stadecker-warte/

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Stadecker Spitzberg

Stadecker Spitzberg

Top mountain!

Just like the vineyard name "Horn", "Spitzberg" is also based on the mountain shape. The roots of the vines work their way through fertile loess and heavy clay marl. Hikers can best explore the vineyard via the "Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte". After a short steep climb, the path leads to a pavilion with a magnificent view. The clay marl soil profile allows you to look deep into the earth. The "Stadecker Warte" was already built by the winegrowers in 1933 and extended with a tower in the 1980s.

> Info about the Hiwweltour Stadecker Warte: https://www.rheinhessen.de/hiwweltouren/hiwweltour-stadecker-warte
> About the other vineyards of Stadecken: Lenchen
> Rheinhessen-Blog: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/10-schoenste-rastplaetze-hiwweltour-stadecker-warte/

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Jugenheimer Goldberg

Jugenheimer Goldberg (Gold Mountain of Jugenheim)

A mountain like gold and the white tower 

Jugenheim is also one of the "golden vineyards of Rheinhessen". Again, there is no vein of gold in the ground here. What a shame! But it is a highly valued, one could say "gold-valued" site. Vines of all kinds thrive on loess-loam and lime marl. The Jugenheim wine hike leads around the Goldberg. Worth seeing and a nice place to rest: the white tower. The "Selztal Terroir Route 1" starts in Jugendheim. There, soil profiles are shown – touch the terroir. Wine tables invite you to take a break.

> To other Rheinhessen sites with the term gold: Siefersheimer Goldenes Horn or Armsheimer Goldstückchen
> To the Selz Valley Terroir Routes: https://www.vg-nieder-olm.de/vg_niederolm/Kultur,%20Freizeit,%20Sport/Tourismus/Selztal-Terroir-Route/

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