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Our vineyard and our winery are located in Ludwigshöhe, an idyllic wine village in Rheinhessen, between the cities of Mainz and Worms, right by the Rhine. Our family business is run in the 2nd generation and has specialized in the traditional way of winemaking. Grape varieties such as Riesling, Sylvaner, Pinot Gris, Dornfelder, Pinot Noir and many others are grown here .. Our vineyards are mostly on sunny slopes between Oppenheim and Ludwigshöhe. The good quality wines and red wines are stored mainly in oak barrels in our wood barrel cellar. The Dornfelder grape variety is partly cultivated in oak barrels, which elegantly rounds off the body and the bouquet of the Dornfelder.
We market our wines 100% as bottled wines and attach great importance to personal contact with our customers. Every 2nd Saturday of the month sales-open with free wine tasting and Rheinhessen treats. We are looking forward to your visit.

On the estae only German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Ullrich Best
  • Vineyard-area 6 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine

Contact details:

Weingut am Honigberg
Sonja und Ullrich Best
Kirchstraße 43 55278 Ludwigshöhe

Processed vineyards

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This common vineyard seed name probably does not go back to a "bee pasture". Presumably, the name of the location by the old Weinsorten- or. Quality designation "hunnisch" emerged. However, the meaning is not yet clear.
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