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Winery Bossert

small, fine, but oh!


  • Beginning of the wine line
  • first red grape in Gault Millau
  • first star in Eichelmann


  • second grape in Gault Millau
  • second star in Eichelmann
  • Falstaff newcomer nomination


  • open for wine lovers!

On the estate only German is spoken.

logo-bossert, © Weingut Bossert

About us

  • Winemaker Johanna und Philipp Bossert
  • Vineyard-area 4.1 hectare
  • sparkling wine
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Weingut Bossert
Johanna und Philipp Bossert
Hauptstraße 15 67598 Gundersheim

Processed vineyards

Gundersheimer Höllenbrand

Gundersheimer Höllenbrand (Hellfire of Gundersheim)

No devil to be seen! Red wines on the famous southern slope

A significant landmark of the area: The imposing "Höllenbrand" sign, visible from afar on the A61 from Worms towards Alzey. Since 2016, the Rheinhessen logo has also been displayed on the terraced slope, which is 100 percent south-facing. The site was first documented in 1437 with the name "in dem hilprant" and in 1710 with the name "im Höllenrand". Both, the personal name Hildebrand and the Middle High German word "halde, hel, hölle" (for slope) could be the origin of the name. And the word "Brand" could belong to the Middle High German word "rant" and mean "mountain edge". So the hell fire has nothing at all to do with the devil. But the southern slope is as hot as hell: that's why winegrowers plant vines here for full-bodied wines, often red wines. It's a good thing that the soil - loess loam and limestone - has natural springs.

> Info about Gundersheim, which calls itself the "red wine paradise in the Wonnegau": www.gundersheim.de
> Discover the single vineyard via numerous hiking and biking trails. For example, on the Hiwwel route stage 4, Alzey-Worms, or via Mühlenradweg. 

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