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Winery Diehl-Blees

Our winery has been operating viticulture since 1579 and is idyllically situated in the middle of the vineyard Jugenheimer Goldberg in the heart of Rheinhessen. Currently 15 different grape varieties are grown and individually vinified. The spectrum ranges from Dornfelder Barrique to Pinot Blanc Classic to the noble-sweet specialty.

The operating philosophy "The small winery with the great wines" is always the focus. Numerous awards from the DLG and the Chamber of Agriculture confirm our consistent quest for the best possible quality.

In the summer months, our GOLDBERGLOUNGE opens every 1st Friday of the month from 17 clock. The meeting place for wine lovers who want to end the week enjoyable.

Diehl-Blees Winery 004, © Weingut Diehl-Blees
Diehl-Blees Winery 004
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House + new + medium [1 internet]
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Courtyard view internet
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About us

  • Winemaker Martin Hamm
  • Vineyard-area 8 hectare
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export

Contact details:

Weingut Diehl-Blees GPRO (Germany) Delelopment GmbH
Ariane Blees
Am Goldberg 1 55270 Jugenheim

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Winery Diehl-Blees

Diehl-Blees Winery 004, © Weingut Diehl-Blees

Winery Diehl-Blees

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Processed vineyards

Jugenheimer Goldberg

Jugenheimer Goldberg (Gold Mountain of Jugenheim)

A mountain like gold and the white tower 

Jugenheim is also one of the "golden vineyards of Rheinhessen". Again, there is no vein of gold in the ground here. What a shame! But it is a highly valued, one could say "gold-valued" site. Vines of all kinds thrive on loess-loam and lime marl. The Jugenheim wine hike leads around the Goldberg. Worth seeing and a nice place to rest: the white tower. The "Selztal Terroir Route 1" starts in Jugendheim. There, soil profiles are shown – touch the terroir. Wine tables invite you to take a break.

> To other Rheinhessen sites with the term gold: Siefersheimer Goldenes Horn or Armsheimer Goldstückchen
> To the Selz Valley Terroir Routes:,%20Freizeit,%20Sport/Tourismus/Selztal-Terroir-Route/

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The name of the single location comes from the Middle High German word "spring / sprung" and means source. There was probably a rabbit drinking trough in this area.
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