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Winery Eimermann - Domtalhof

We are a young and dynamic winery from the idyllic district Nierstein-Schwabsburg in Rheinhessen and have dedicated ourselves to the production of complex high-quality wines. These grow in the Niersteiner TOP locations Pettenthal, Oelberg Heiligenbaum and form the foundation stone of our winery.

Many small villages characterize the landscape and nice people the hospitality. Mass tourism can be found here in vain. The ideal place for our winery! At the moment we cultivate about 16 hectares of vineyards in the best locations of the famous Niersteiner Roter Hang.
In the almost southern climate of Rheinhessen, the best wines ripen, our top wines are among them. Through careful aging in the cellar our wines inspire time and again with a variety of taste experiences.
The combination of the two generations of vintners "Father & Son" makes it possible to harvest the best of our grapes to exploit the potential of our growing area.

On the estate English and German are spoken.

The winery Domtalhof GbR is a member company at
"Wine of the Red Hang eV"

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About us

  • Winemaker Thore Eimermann
  • Vineyard-area 16 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export

Contact details:

Weingut Eimermann - Domtalhof
Thore Eimermann
Hauptstraße 116+134 55283 Nierstein-Schwabsburg

Processed vineyards

Niersteiner Pettenthal

Niersteiner Pettenthal

Boy's name? Toad migration? Rieslings of world fame!

A vineyard of world fame! As the name "Thal" (old German word for valley) suggests, this single vineyard site begins in the valley, directly by the river Rhein, and then climbs steeply up the "Roter Hang". This single vineyard site is the steepest section on "Roter Hang" - very valuable and extremely sought after by winegrowers. The cadastral name has existed since 1753. Where does the name come from? There are several interpretations. The most common variant would be the boy or family name Peter. It could also be derived from Pater, meaning monk. The vineyards were owned by the church for a long time. Or - as they say in Nierstein: "Petten" refers to toads that migrate to the springs and sump holes that emerge above. An indication of this is that an adjacent area is called "Stumpe Loch", which is probably derived from Sumpfloch. Whether ordinary boy's name or ordinary toad: the Rieslings, on the other hand, are not ordinary at all. They are mineral, expressive and capable of ageing. They grow on bare red clay sandstone and get plenty of sun all day long.

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The name of the site is based on images of saints, which were attached to trees in the districts. Here's Hellje, a Celtic goddess of fertility. In the Rheinhessen vernacular it says "Am helje Boam brings the Klapperstroch children"
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Niersteiner Ölberg

Niersteiner Ölberg (Oil mountain of Nierstein)

Biblical reference, oil mill or oily Rieslings?

Is the single vineyard named “Ölberg” because an oil mill once stood here? Or did the Ölberg get its name because of the oily consistency of the wines produced here? Does the site maybe have biblical references, named after a monastery? Anything is possible. The single vineyard is part of the "Roter Hang" but turns away from the river Rhein and faces south-southeast, situated above Nierstein. Partly very steep with a gradient of up to 60 percent. Like it is tpical for Roter Hang, the soil here is Rotliegendes, the iron oxide-containing, and landscape-defining red shining clay slate. The dominant grape variety is Riesling. In the middle of the vineyard: the Wartturm, a Nierstein landmark. Once a medieval signal tower from the 12th century.

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