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Winery Hoch - Borntaler Hof

The Borntaler Hof - Wallertheim - with a magnificent view of the relaxed hilly landscape. Alexander and Heinz-Günther Hoch work with great enthusiasm to use modern production techniques and in harmony with nature to produce the best from their vines. The wines are a modern and innovative craft - the passion of the winemaker can be tasted. The Hoch family have one of the top Straußwirtschaften in the region and have gotten the highest merit for it already. They are not only known for their good wines, but their fried potatoes have gained a reputation throughout the whole Rhineland.

English and French speaking visitors are welcome.

Borntaler_Hof__Wallertheim_a, © Weingut Hoch - Borntaler Hof
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About us

  • Winemaker Alexander Hoch
  • Vineyard-area 15 hectare
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Weingut Hoch - Borntaler Hof
Alexander Hoch
Borntaler Hof 55578 Wallertheim

Processed vineyards

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