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Winery K. & K. Dautermann

The Dautermann winery is one of the places to go in Ingelheim. Ambitiously Kurt and Kristian Dautermann - who now also belong to the elite squad of the "Deutsche Weinelf" (National German winemaker's football club) - bring forward the family winery. With 65 percent red wine, the red wine specialists have increased their popularity especially with their extraordinary Pinot Noirs recently. But even with the traditional white wines - whether Riesling, Silvaner or Pinot Gris - this winery has a great assortment to offer. The self-image is as simple as it is demanding: "... 80% of the quality is given to us by nature. For the remaining 20% we work in the vineyards intensely ". Highly recommended is the small, but fine cultural program, the Dautermann family puts together for their guests. To be found at www.dautermannwein.de . A major change happened in one of the most popular Ingelheim red wine vineyard. Winemaker Heinz Niedecken, owner of the winery Kirchenstück, decided to quit for reasons of age and gave the heart of the vineyard, which also named his own estate founded back in 1850, to the K & K Dautermann winery. Thus, the Dautermann winery is looking forward to a successful future with the legendary vineyard Kirchstück.

dautermann_ingelheim_familie, © Weingut K. & K. Dautermann
dautermann_ingelheim, © Weingut K. & K. Dautermann
logo dautermann, © Weingut K. & K. Dautermann
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About us

  • Vineyard-area 14 hectare
  • sparkling wine
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen
  • Non-Alcoholic Wines

Contact details:

Weingut Dautermann
Kristian und Kurt Dautermann
Unterer Schenkgarten 6 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

Visit us

Gästehaus Dautermann


Our guests can expect a sophisticated ambience in a winery. We attach great importance to personal style and individual care. With a sense of aesthetics and small details, each spacious flat offers a special arrangement. During your stay you can park your car free of charge. 

Wine tasting in our winery is also possible upon request. Due to the immediate nearby cycling and hiking trails, our guesthouse is an ideal starting point for a tour of Ingelheim and the surrounding area.

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Processed vineyards

Ingelheimer Sonnenhang

Ingelheimer Sonnenhang

Sun, Selz and super wines 

Not to be confused with the 1-hectare single vineyard "Ingelheimer Sonnenberg" in the middle of the city. The Sonnenhang is 88 hectares in size and is located in the extension of Ingelheim-Süd and on the Selz River. Sonnenhang and Sonnenberg are quasi-synonyms. This name comes from the generally favorable position towards the sun. Here, the Mainzer Berg slopes west-southwest toward the Selz Valley and allows optimal sun exposure. On limestone, loess and loam grow a variety of vines of rather strong style: Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. In the soil there are fossilized corals and snails.

> To the synonym single vineyard of Ingelheim: Sonnenberg
> Experience Ingelheim on the fruit route via bike: https://www.rheinhessen.de/radrouten-rheinhessen/obstroute

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Ingelheimer Pares

Ingelheimer Pares

Pares from Paradies? Origin of name unclear, wines paradisiacal.

Where does the name come from? One can only speculate! Three variants are conceivable. Number one: The name of the site is derived from the Middle High German word "Parich" for "horse". In former times, there was an old cattle drift on this site, an agricultural path for driving cattle. Number two: In Latin there are the words "pār" for equal, on a par with and "pārēre" for to show oneself, to direct oneself towards something. Number three: The medieval term "paradeis" was shortened to "pares". The winegrowers particularly like this variation. The paradisiacal location! But wherever the vineyard name actually comes from, its lime and loess are ideal conditions for red wines, such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Madeleine. The single vineyard belongs to the Mainzer Berg, above Ober-Ingelheim.

> To the other single vineyard sites of Ingelheim: Höllenweg, Horn, Rotes Kreuz and Schloss Westerhaus
> To the hiking trails in Ingelheim https://www.ingelheim-erleben.de/wanderwege-in-ingelheim/0

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