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Winery Kissel

Dear wine lovers!

In the midst of beautiful vineyards and large agricultural land located in the center of Gundheim, you can find our winery, which has been owned by the family for generations.

We, winemaker Rainer Kissel and wife Christiane, took over the winery in 1991 and manage 16 hectares of vineyards.

We devote all our attention to the wine with much joie de vivre and commitment, in order to produce qualitative and high-quality wines.

After careful maturing in barrels, all wines undergo the necessary processes in the cellar. Here they are carefully developed and every single wine gets our whole attention.

A few years ago, in the former home of parents, three rooms were created with love and flair. Our guests are spoiled by a rich breakfast buffet.

We would like to convince you of our wines!

Your winery & guesthouse Rainer Kissel

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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About us

  • Winemaker Rainer Kissel
  • Vineyard-area 16 hectare

Contact details:

Weingut Kissel
Rainer Kissel
Hauptstraße 1 67599 Gundheim

Processed vineyards

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The location was mentioned in the 19th century with the name "on the Hungerbühne". There is probably a folk etymological transformation to Hungerborn (a source that dries out easily).
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Gundheimer Mandelbrunnen

Gundheimer Mandelbrunnen (Almond Fountain)

Almond or coat? Either way, definitely white wine

Such a melodious name, so much uncertainty in naming! The site was first mentioned in a document in 1581 with the name "am Mandelborn". But is the name really based on an almond tree? Today, figs and lemons grow in Wonnegau and almond trees blossom. But in the 16th century this was rather unlikely. Another interpretation could be the word "Mantel". This does not mean coat, but pine tree. And why the term "Born"? It stands for well or spring. White grape varieties, such as Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer or Kerner, grow here on loess soil.

> The beautiful trullo in the photos is not old (cf., but was only built in 2014 by the Wonnegauer Hof winery.

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As always in Rheinhessen, this name comes from the southern position of the vineyards.
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