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As a winemaker family in the fourth generation, we enjoy living, working and laughing together. That's us, three generations under one roof: the Müller family.
We always want to get a little better; We are fascinated by the aromas and peculiarity of each grape variety. Sharing, sowing and harvesting a passion is a wonderful thing. But the challenge of creating wines of the highest order with heart, flair and dedication is a blessing that accompanies us every day.

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About us

  • Winemaker Tobias Müller
  • Vineyard-area 23 hectare
  • specialist trade

Contact details:

Weingut Müller
Tobias Müller
Backhausstraße 9 67596 Frettenheim

Processed vineyards

Bechtheimer Geyersberg

Bechtheimer Geyersberg (Vulture hill of Bechtheim)

Rieslings under the wings of birds of prey

In Medieval times, birds of prey were called vultures (German: “Geier”). And these animals are indeed the eponym here. The mountain used to have wooded areas and vultures nested there. The location was already mentioned in documents around 1500 with the name "ym nesten geierßbuhl". On the carbonate-rich loess soils with a high lime content, mainly Rieslings grow, but also many other grape varieties. The wines from there are powerful and expressive – just like birds of prey.

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Bechtheimer Rosengarten

Bechtheimer Rosengarten (Rose Garden of Bechtheim)

Whether wild rose or rose garden – today it is a vineyard

Such a simple term, yet so many possible interpretations! It could refer to natural growth of wild roses. Those often grow in Rheinhessen and their rose hips shine in autumn. It could also have been early medieval burial grounds, a very vague interpretation. In Bechtheim, people say that the then sovereign and local lord, the Count of Leiningen, maintained a "Roßgarten” (Engl.: horse garden") there. It belonged to the farmstead in the centre of the village. The vineyard was first mentioned in documents around 1500 with the name "ym roß garten". The predominant soil types here are loess loam and limestone. The wines are rich in fruit aromas, concentrated and long-lasting on the palate.

> Discover the other sites in Bechtheim: Geyersberg, Hasensprung, Stein
> Various hiking trails run through Bechtheim and its vineyards: Rheinterrassenweg, Lutherweg, Pilgerweg Ortsschleife Bechtheim and the village's own wine trail with old agricultural equipment. 

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The location was mentioned in 1681 with the name "uff der Heyl". The layer designation goes back to heap / hell. Hell means a slight slope. This is a West Central Germany commonly encountered hall designation.
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