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Winery Müller

The Müller winery is picturesquely located directly by the Appelbach stream in Wöllstein, in the heart of Rheinhessische Schweiz, centered between Alzey and Bad Kreuznach. The origin of the farm lies in the operation of a mill, which is visible not only through our family name ("Müller" in English is "miller"), but also in our address, in the street we are located in. In addition to the winery, we have a 3-star guest house, which opened in 2015, and is now part of the winery, which has been awarded the seal of approval "Rheinhessen-AUSGEZEICHNET". The winery is run by Hermann and Jutta Müller, who are being supported by their daughter Eva since the summer of 2018. In the large selection of wines there is also a separate line of young winemaker Eva Müller, which underlines the high quality standards of their generation once again. The wines, which are all grown in vineyards around Wöllstein, benefit not only from the different soils such as volcanic rock, clay marl and loess, but also from the particularly mild climate of Rheinhessen.

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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winery-mueller, © Weingut Müller

About us

  • Winemaker Eva Müller
  • Vineyard-area 14 hectare

Contact details:

Weingut Müller
Hermann J. Müller
Mühlenstraße 14 55597 Wöllstein

Processed vineyards

Wöllsteiner Äffchen

Wöllsteiner Äffchen (Monkey of Wöllstein)

Cute monkey? Beautiful elms!

Little monkey? A funny name, which does not refer to an animal, but to a tree. The vineyard was first mentioned in a document in 1522 with the name "hinder dem affen Born". In Rheinhessen, elms have been called “Effen” for a long time. Hildegard von Bingen, who was born in Rheinhessen in 1098, also referred to the trees in this way. Riesling, Pinot Gris or Chardonnay grow on clay marl with a high gravel content.

> Info on Hildegard von Bingen in the Rheinhessen blog: 

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Alternativbild für Wöllsteiner Ölberg

Wöllsteiner Ölberg

The location was mentioned in 1727 with the name "auff der öhlbach". The name is based on the location of an old oil mill.
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