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Winery Peter and Julian Wolf

The Wolf winery is located in the center of Eckelsheim, an old wine village in Rheinhessische Schweiz. For 7 generations the great wines have been produced here. Winzermeister Peter Wolf , together with his son Julian Wolf, who graduated 2011 in Geisenheim as B.Sc. in Oenology and Viticulture , is leading the family business.
Have a wine tasting and a cellar tour or enjoy the scenery with a hike through the beautiful vineyards. Spend a weekend in Eckelsheim. Combine a wine tasting with subsequent meals in the restaurant of the Eckelsheimer Kulturhof and an overnight stay in the yard.

English speaking visitors are welcome.

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About us

  • Winemaker Julian Wolf
  • Vineyard-area 13.5 hectare
  • sparkling wine

Contact details:

Weingut Wolf
Julian Wolf
Brunnengasse 2 55599 Eckelsheim

Processed vineyards

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These paths often lead to a mill and are just so wide that just a donkey can go with a sack on it.
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Eckelsheimer Kirchberg

Eckelsheimer Kirchberg (Church Hill of Eckelsheim)

Church, cliff and wines from the volcano

On the southern border of the district lies the "Beller Kirche", a late Gothic ruin with a high choir, typical for Rheinhessen. The alter dedicated to St. Mary was completed in 1490, the nave in 1519. Today, the ruin is a venue for events, including wine tastings. The single vineyard "Eckelsheimer Kirchberg" refers to this church. The vines are rooted in gravel sand and exceptional volcanic stone. 30 million years ago, the whole region was flooded by a subtropical sea. The coastline of that time, the surf cliff, ran here. The “Strandpfad der Sinne” (Engl. "Beach Trail of the Senses") is a hiking trail referring to that time and making geology and viticulture come alive.

> Experience the single vineyard via the beach path of the senses:
> Information about the Beller Church:
> Rheinhessen blog:

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The location was given the name by the small roundish elevation, which is referred to as the head. This is a sunshine situation.
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