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Winery St. Urban

The St. Urban winery is managed by the winemaker family Paukner. Red and white grape varieties are grown there.
The largest part of the grapes ripens through the unique microclimate at the Gau-Odernheimer Petersberg. Due to the particularly intense sunshine and the nutrient-rich loess clay soils, particularly aromatic, ripe grapes are harvested year after year. The peculiarity of these soils is also reflected in a flower wonder, which occurs annually in April. Then a small part of the Petersberg is dotted with the wild tulip "Tulipa Sylvestris".
In addition to wines, cults and spirits, we offer wine tastings in our wine tasting room. These events can be carried out to a size of about 60 people.
After a cheerful wine tasting you have the opportunity to spend the night in our winery. We offer three double rooms with shower and toilet. In the lounge we expect you with an extensive wine-grower's breakfast

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English speaking visitors are welcome. 

About us

  • Winemaker Karl-Josef Paukner
  • sparkling wine
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine

Contact details:

Weingut St. Urban
Karl-Josef und Thomas Paukner
Nach dem Eigen 20 55239 Gau-Odernheim

Processed vineyards

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The location was mentioned in 1466 with the name "daz fuszloch". Numerous fox holes were decisive for this layer designation.
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Gau-Odernheimer Herrgottspfad

Gau-Odernheimer Herrgottspfad (Lord God's Path of Gau Odernheim)

Steep up to the crypt, steep site for Riesling vintners

A path to the Lord God? Yes! Or at least almost. A steep path winds its way from Gau-Odernheim up to the 246-metre-high Petersberg, on whose spire stood a three-nave basilica with crypt dating from the 10th century. The remains of the crypt, which were found from 1947 onwards, are impressive: this architecture is otherwise only found in central Italy, and for Rheinhessen it is unique. The single vineyard takes its name from the processions that have led to the top of the mountain on church feast days for centuries. Full-bodied Rieslings with a high aging potential thrive here on clay marl. The Petersberg cultural trail offers a variety of insights into history, geology, fauna and flora - and leads right through the middle of this single vineyard.

> Discover the Petersberg cultural trail with the wine table: https://kulturweg-petersberg.de/2014-10-26-16-54-02/foerderung-3/14-sample-data-articles/113-gau-odernheimer-herrgottspfad
> Go to the report "A summit tour in Rheinhessen" on the Rheinhessen blog: https://blog.rheinhessen.de/der-kulturweg-petersberg/
> A vineyard swing invites you to enjoy the panorama in the direction of the Rhine Valley and Kloppberg.

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The location was mentioned in a document in 1501 with the name "an dem oleyberge". It is believed that there was an oil mill at the foot of the mountain or that the property was encumbered with an oil interest.
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