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Winery Thomas-Rüb

Our winery is a family business, which already operates in the 5th generation of wine growing. We combine this long tradition of wine production with modern ideas. We work with traditional and modern methods, always to the best of our wines. We attach great importance to the varietal vinification of our wines. Our winery cultivates an approximately 18ha large vineyard, which extends, inter alia, through the known locations Flonheimer Bingerberg, Flonheimer Rotenpfad or Guntersblumer St. Julianne fountain.

Newly built in 2011, our Vinothek with 4 guest rooms offers room for wine tasting and good conversation. Wine tastings are possible at any time by arrangement.

English spaking visitors are welcome. 

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About us

  • Winemaker Wolfgang Rüb
  • Vineyard-area 18 hectare

Contact details:

Weingut Thomas-Rüb
Wolfgang Rüb
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 29 55237 Flonheim

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Gästehaus & Weingut Thomas-Rüb

Gästehaus Thomas-Rüb


Comfortable living - experience wine in the guesthouse . We have our Guesthouse built for the friends of our wines; that's why we put a lot of effort into the equipment. The result is cosy rooms with modern comfort. Whether for a short holiday or for an overnight stay after a wine tasting in our new vinotheque. Four guest rooms, bright and friendly, with good beds, modern bathrooms, cosy sitting area, internet connection, mini bar and TV. The day starts well with our winegrower breakfast.


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Processed vineyards

Flonheimer Binger Berg

Flonheimer Binger Berg

Of mountains, seas and grape varieties

There are more than 30 kilometres between the village of Flonheim - in the middle of Rheinhessen - and the town of Bingen directly by the river Rhein. There are two possible interpretations of where the name comes from: The name could refer to the ownership of the Bingen Spital in the 14th century. Or a geological explanation: the Binger Berg - as we call it today - was formed over 30 million years ago. At that time, large parts of Rheinhessen were flooded by the primeval sea and one of the surf reefs ran along the northern side of today's Flonheim. A wide variety of grape varieties grow here in the clay marl with up to 40%  lime content.

> To the further single vineyard of Flonheim: Rotenpfad.
> Discover the replica of the underwater world with shells, corals and oysters in the Flonheim local museum.

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Ensheimer Kachelberg

Ensheimer Kachelberg

Of ships, vineyard towers and vine diversity

Middle High German always has surprises in store: Kachel is derived from "kocke" and means a broad ship with a rounded front. The roundish shape of the hill evokes associations with this comparison. The location was first mentioned in a document in 1442 with the name "in kachelberge". In the middle of the hill: the newly built Ensheim vineyard tower - like a mast on a ship! From there you have a magnificent view of southern Rheinhessen, as far as Odenwald and Pfälzerwald. The winegrowers cultivate a variety of vines on limestone and marl.

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Flonheimer Rotenpfad

Flonheimer Rotenpfad

Resting at the Trullo

There are two possible names here, but they are not mutually exclusive: The name of the single vineyard could come from the old German word "Rode" and mean "deserted". Deserted sites are abandoned settlements or farmland. Flonheim is known - apart from viticulture - for its sandstones, and the vineyard is located in the immediate vicinity of these sandstone quarries. The vines grow here mainly on loess, but also on Rotliegendem/Rigosol. Could the red soil pigments maybe be responsible for the name? The Adelberg rises in the middle of the single vineyard and is a popular hiking area. The trullo, a small vineyard house, is a great place to rest and enjoy the landscape.

> To the other single vineyard site of Flonheim: Binger Berg.
> Discover the "Trullo in flames" EXCELLENT WINE FEST
> The Trullo is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Rheinhessen.
> Discover the single vineyard on foot via Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal
> In the middle of the site there is also the Jewish Cemetery:

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