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Worms to fall in love with: Places, people, city (experience) life - 99 tips

Worms is overflowing with history(s). The Nibelungen saga is set here. The mighty imperial cathedral is enthroned here. Here Luther refused to recant in 1521.

But few know how and where Luther has something to say in Worms today. Or what about the cathedral is ancient and what is brand new. What Kriemhild's rose garden or the ultra-modern cloister in the museum are all about. Where you can get freshly roasted coffee and in winter a Mediterranean weekly market. Where you live wall to wall with the city wall. Enjoying good wine in a former synagogue. Where nostalgia and youth culture combine or where romantic marriages take place.

Regina Urbach knows all the hidden shop gems, enchanted parks and courtyards - as far as Ibersheim, Pfeddersheim or Herrnsheim. She will take you to the places where even people from Worms fall in love with their city all over again: Let yourself be seduced!

ISBN 978-3-945782-59-0
Author: Regina Urbach
Softcover, 214 pages
17,00 €

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