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Klopp Castle, founded in the middle of the 13th century by the Archbishop of Mainz, Siegfried III, in Bingen, secured the mouth of the River Nahe and offered the clerics protection in the case of uprisings by the townspeople. In 1301, the Castle was severely damaged during a siege by the troops of King Albrecht I of Habsburg. As so often, the fight was about the toll rights in the region. In the late 19th century, the complex was rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style and expanded. Today, the municipality of Bingen has its seat in the Castle, while the inner courtyard and tower is open to the public between April and October. In addition, with Restaurant Burg Klopp, fine catering has found its way in. On occasion, art exhibitions also take place here. 
Burg Klopp
Kloppgasse 1
55411 Bingen
00496721 - 184205-202

FotoSilz/Stadt Bingen