Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim
Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim

The theatre 'Streu Licht' is in the villagge Schornsheim and was founded by Susanne Schwarz and Geoffrrey Steinherz.

The audience will experience theatre, music and literature ap close in our small theatre room, a former horse stable. What kind of seating is there depends on what is offered at the moment. between 20 and 70 spectators can find a seat here.

Our background, the profession:

Susanne is directing, works dramaturgically and creates the satge setting.

She's a member in the association for free professional thetres in rhineland- palatinate.

Geoffey is speaker for english and translator. He's standing on the stage and in front of the camera over and over again, singing, speaking, with own songs or songs frm others.. And he's leading our small workshop.

For which people do we want to do theatre?For our region, for the county Alzey- Worms and for everyone who's not afraid to come from afar. For kids, teenagers and people who are young at heart.

What is mostly iportant for us is the musical theatre, theatre with music, literature and pure music (concerts).

And why such a project? We think that theatres are a must do. What would we do without them? Theatres are the most amazing place where erverything is possible, where head and heart are together. Theatre can change a lot.

We want to inspire as much people as possible with our love to the theatre.

We found that actually every place of the world has a history. And we saw that this is also valid for Schornsheim. The past with all its houses, churches, birds and cemeteries inspires us for more theatre projects in the future.

Moreover everything is surrounded by beautiful vineyards!

We're happy to make you curious at first and hope to see you soon in the theatre 'Streu Licht'!


Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim