Wine biking near the Ingelheim Castle Church, © Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH© Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH
Break in the church ruin, © Uwe Feuerbach | Rheinhessen Toursitik GmbH© Uwe Feuerbach | Rheinhessen Toursitik GmbH
Wine cycling around Ingelheim, © Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH© Dominik Ketz | Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH
E-bike fun in Rheinhessen, © Riese & Müller GmbH© Riese & Müller GmbH

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Cycling packages

Cycling between the Rhine and the vineyards - one of the best ways to get to know the wine region better. With our offers we make planning easy.

Monsheim-79-1200x800, © Carsten Costard

The name Wonnegau sounds wonderfully well-being (even if it actually comes from the tribe of the Vangions). Idyllic wine villages, well signposted cycle routes with beautiful vantage points are reason enough to stop by. The Zellertal cycle path offers magnificent views of the countryside between Donnersberg and Rhine and connects the two major wine regions of Rheinhessen and Pfalz. Our Tour de Worms brings culture into play. Of these, the Nibelungen and Luther city has plenty to offer.

kaiserpfalz_heidesheimer_tor_062008_daudistel-2stadt-ingelheim, © E. Daudistel / city Ingelheim

From forests, vineyards and pastures lined paths, the view of the vastness of the Rhine Valley to the Taunus - the predicate trails at Ingelheim, do not save with charm. The bike tour on the fruit route is a feast for the eyes, especially in spring. Whichever you choose: At the end of your tour, you will be one in the Rheinhessen-EXCELLENT wine shop of the Wasem vineyard. A wine tasting with three wines and three small delicacies rewards the effort and makes you want more. In the evening, enjoy a 3-course meal in the restaurant of the...

nierstein_0154434_georg-tuber-20, © Georg Knoll

Through the gentle Rhine-Hessian wine hills, along the Rhine and Selz, you can explore the cities of Mainz and Ingelheim and world-famous wine villages. Beautiful views, typical Rhine-Hessian wine villages with many opportunities for tasting and relaxing enrich each stage. Your "base camp" is a quality-tested winegrowing farm south of Mainz, where you can reflect on your impressions in the evening with a good glass of Rheinhessen wine. Our tour suggestions: Day 1: Arrival to Harxheim 2nd day: first tour to Mainz, from there on the...

Rheinhessen-2016-e-bike-137, © Dominik Ketz

Beautiful views, typical Rhine-Hessian wine villages with many opportunities to feast and relax enrich each stage. The cultural experience in the cities is firmly planned - Mainz, Ingelheim and Bingen offer plenty of it. In spring, the sea of flowers of the orchards enchants you. In summer, the harvest lures in one of the many small farm shops.

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