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The municipalities of the LAG Rheinhessen as a place of living and work are of particular importance in the Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy because the area of responsibility and its sphere of activity are the most clearly manifested in the effects of demographic change and societal megatrends.

In particular, the smaller, traffic-poorly connected local communities are increasingly facing design and functional problems. The great volunteering, which is one of the key qualities of rural areas, can no longer handle the challenges alone. Therefore, the concept of sustainability is the central starting point for further developing the living and working environment of rural areas in a positive and sustainable way. In this field of action, the region wants to make a contribution to strengthening the infrastructure and social structure of the population evenly. To this end, the activities of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate for broadband funding should make a contribution to the LAG area.

The field of action "Designing sustainable sustainability" is divided into the following sub-action fields

3.1 Sensitization and communication

Exemplary project areas

  • Information events and owner meetings
  • Awareness-raising measures / trainings for council members
  • Conferences, lectures, seminars, taster offers on sustainability topics
  • Coach training
  • Inventory, documentation and economic analysis
  • Municipal demography check, strategy check intercommunal cooperation

3.2 General interest

Exemplary project ideas

  • Village café in combination with mobile weekly market
  • Regional shopping platform with delivery service
  • Joint delivery of food and medicines
  • Barrier-free expansion of facilities and infrastructures
  • Increased public relations for the provision of training, advanced training, impulse lectures
  • Volunteer Exchange, Regional Volunteer Ambassador

3.3 Interior development

Exemplary project areas

  • Sustainably effective interior design concepts
  • Local core managers, vacancy controllers, vacancy management
  • Village moderation, including qualification of the actors on site
  • Multi-generation houses, new forms of living
  • Revitalization projects in the historic center
  • Stock exchanges for local materials, design brochures
  • Creation of municipal support programs

3.4 Specialists

Exemplary project areas

  • Information and best practice events
  • Establish a regular dialogue between companies, municipalities and labor market players
  • Studies and concepts for innovative skilled marketing
  • Target group specific marketing campaign

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