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The oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe has around 2,000 graves, the oldest gravestone dates from around 1058/1059 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage SchUM Sites Speyer, Worms, Mainz - Jewish Heritage for the World. From the part on the former city rampart you have an impressive view of the cathedral, the so-called "Martin Buber View". The old Jewish cemetery "Heiliger Sand" is still of great importance to Jews worldwide. Numerous influential Jewish scholars and rabbis were buried here. The oldest gravestones date back to 1058/59 and thus document the first great heyday of the Jewish community in Worms, which can be traced back to around the year 1000. The "Holy Sand" is thus the oldest Jewish cemetery preserved "in situ" in Europe!

Male visitors must wear headgear.
The cemetery is closed on jewish public holidays and on saturday.

Jüdischer Friedhof
Jüdischer Friedhof "Heiliger Sand"
Besucher auf dem jüdischen Friedhof
Segnende Hände