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Weinhof Fischborn-Schenk

The Fischborn-Schenk winery has been existing since 1833, founded under the surname Fischborn. In 1929, by marriage, it came under the direction of the Schenk family, which has its origin in the Swabia country (Reutlingen). Today, the farm is run in the 5th generation by Hans-Werner Schenk with the active support of his wife Matina and covers an area of 14 ha. Since Biebelsheim has a very varied soil structure, we concentrate particularly on traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner and the Pinots.

English speaking visitos are welcome. 

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Weinhof Fischborn-Schenk
Hans-Werner Schenk
Weingasse 2 55546 Biebelsheim