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lou_6621_klein © Andreas Brummund - die WeinWerkstatt

Andreas Brummund - die WeinWerkstatt

Andreas Brummund - die WeinWerkstatt Andreas Brummund steht für Leidenschaft, die verbindet ! Aufgewachsen in einer rheinhessischen Winzerfamilie, entdeckte ich schon in jungen Jahren die Begeisterung für das Handwerk des Weinbaus. Durch die Ausbildung zum Winzer festigte sich die Entscheidung für meine Berufung. Der Einklang von Mensch und Natur, die Verbindung zwischen Handwerk, Moderne und Tradition, und vor allem die Liebe zum Genuss und die Lebensfreude bestärkten mich in meiner Entscheidung, mein Wissen und Können mit einem...


Andreas Brummund - die WeinWerkstatt
Andreas Brummund
Hauptstraße 2-4
55437 Ober-Hilbersheim


Battenfeld © Battenfeld-Spanier


Battenfeld Spanier is located in Hohen-Sülzen in the southern Wonnegau of Rheinhessen. There, the best vineyards are criss-crossed by mighty subterranean limestone beds, from which the vines can absorb the important nutrients with their roots during the warm summer months. It is this "lime buffer" that adds a tremendous amount of tension and vibration to the wines of Battenfeld-Spanier. For HO Spanier, the Riesling is like the ideal interpreter, who translates the extremely lime-rich soils of southern Wonnegaus into...


Hans-Oliver Spanier
Bahnhofstraße 33
67591 Hohen-Sülzen

Tel.: (0049) 6243 906515

winery-bender-family_2 © Weingut Bender

Bender winery

Our winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen, the well-known wine town of Bechtheim in Wonnegau. Sinve our daughter Diana completed her apprenticeship as a master winemaker in 2017, her and her father have been running the wine-growing business together. Vineyards in the Geyersberg, Hasensprung and Rosengarten locations are jointly managed by them. Most of these areas are planted with the Silvaner, Riesling and Dornfelder grape varieties. The wines are shaped by our excellent soils. Aromatic, fruit-intense and matured...


Weingut Bender
Manfred und Diana Bender
Marieluisen-Straße 18
67595 Bechtheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 904647

familiehl2020 © Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben

Bert Wechsler Heirs winery

“Wine is a natural product that requires a lot of effort from us. We like to do this work, because we are rewarded with wines that taste like the passion we give them. " Wine tasting by arrangement. Joachim Ahl, viticulture technician, took over the winery from his stepfather and kept the traditional name of Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben. He runs the family winery together with his wife Jutta, whose passion are creative ideas and events surrounding wine. The grapes find optimal conditions on sunny...


Weingut Bert Wechsler Erben
Joachim und Jutta Ahl
Ziegelhüttenweg 9
67574 Osthofen

Tel.: (0049) 6242 99892

winery-Gänz-bioland-pole © Weingut Gänz

BioWeingut & Landhotel Gänz

The organic estate of the Gänz family in Hackenheim lies on the border between the cultivation areas of Rheinhessen and Nahe, which is why the company is also making Rieslings from the Nahe. The most important location is the Hackenheimer Kirchberg, where a large part of the vineyards of the company can be found. Since 1997, the winery is certified organic and works according to the guidelines of Bioland. With the new construction of the farm, the winery was expanded in 2001 by a bio hotel. Peter Gänz is responsible for the wine production...


BioWeingut & Landhotel Gänz
Albert Gänz
An den Reben 1
55546 Hackenheim

Tel.: (0049) 671 8963453

1532019608092 © Weingut Blees-Wallich

Blees-Wallich winery

Space for 40 people, rustic wine bar with a beautiful outdoor area. Outside seats 20-30. Motto wine tastings such as chocolate and wine, bread and wine, summer festivals and mulled wine evenings. Grape varieties: from classic to modern Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Faberrebe, Pinot Gris, Kerner, Ortega, red: Dornfelder, Pinot Noir, Portuguese Rarities: Auslese, Bererenauslese


Weingut Blees-Wallich
Gundi Blees-Wallich
Schulstraße 52
55270 Jugenheim

Tel.: 061301602