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Michel, Cistercian winery Michel © Cisterzienser Weingut Michel

Cistercian winery Michel

ANNO DOMINI In 1173 Hofgut Hessloch was founded as an administrative estate by the Cistercian monastery Otterberg. After the turmoil of the Reformation and the Peasant Wars, the Cistercian monks had to leave their monastery. Later, the estate was acquired by the ancestors of the Michel family. The relief "Fox and Goose", which adorns today's label, dates back to the time of the Cistercians in their time, the Michel family today also deals with the development of the wines: with a high strive for quality in order to get better...


Cisterzienser-Weingut Michel
Ulrich Michel
Dalbergstraße 28
67596 Dittelsheim-Heßloch

Tel.: (0049) 6244 4921


Müsel winery

The Müsel winery is a family business that has been involved in viticulture and the production of high-quality wines for several generations in idyllic Worms-Herrnsheim. Today, viticultural technician Hans-Jürgen Müsel is managing the winery together with his son Christian Müsel. Many new ideas and suggestions are incorporated into the wine-making process. The winery's goal is to achieve the greatest possible care in the vineyard and thus the best quality for the wines. In order to reach this goal,...


Weingut Müsel
Christian Müsel
Herrnsheimer-Hauptstraße 12
67550 Worms-Herrnsheim

Tel.: 0624158369

© Wein- und Sektgut Menk

Wine and champagne Menk

Anke and Werner Menk have moved into their new domicile high above the red wine town of Ingelheim. They run the young winery in accordance with the motto: "Wine - made with love." The noble wines are developed with great care and tact. The winemaking family's passion for vines and wine is reflected in the extensive range of grape varieties. From the classic and traditional grape varieties to the international and the exotic, wines are available for every taste. The focus is on harmoniously dry wines from the...


Wein- und Sektgut Menk
Werner und Sebastian Menk
Außenliegend 143
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

Tel.: (0049) 6132 75164

daniel-Mattern-logo_1 © Weingut Daniel Mattern

Winery Daniel Mattern

The Daniel Mattern winery is young, fresh and different. It has no tradition for much potential. The winemaker Daniel Mattern is 29 years young. In 2011 the winery was founded and the first vintage was pressed. Since then, straight and demanding wines have been produced. Recommended and outstanding Reviewed in Falstaff / Guide 2016  


Weingut Daniel Mattern
Daniel Mattern
Am Römer 4-6
55234 Monzernheim


Michel 1 © Weingut Dieter Michel

Winery Dieter Michel

Our family business is located in Hochborn, a small village, which is about 280 m above sea level to the highest municipalities of Rheinhessen. The high plateau borders on the southern slopes of Wonnegau, where our favorite vineyard sites are located. The tradition of viticulture has been maintained in our farm for generations. That's how our son Sebastian jumped over the spark. After training as a winemaker, he studied viticulture and oenology in Geisenheim. With youthful verve and passion, he brings in many new ideas. Thus, the love...


Weingut Dieter Michel
Dieter Michel
Dittelsheimer Weg 31
55234 Hochborn

Tel.: (0049) 6735 283

DSC_5917 © Weingut G & M Machmer

Winery G & M Machmer

The Machmer family in Bechtheim has been growing wine for several generations. Georg and his son Markus Machmer practice well-established cooperation and are assisted by their wives Herta and Mirijam. The character of the Machmer wines is determined by the soil on which they grow. These wines are very authentic, characterized by their origin and are full of minerality. They are strong in flavor but mild in acidity and have a clear and fine expression in the fruit. "The wines make you want more ..." The Machmer...


Weingut G & M Machmer
Markus Machmer
Im Rosengarten 16
67595 Bechtheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 915717

menger_3 © Weingut H. L. Menger

Winery HL Menger

Our winery has its headquarters in the center of Eich am Rhein and is managed in the 13th generation. We can trace our family history back to the year 1669, which we are very proud of. As a family business, we manage 15 hectares spread over the southern Rheinterrasse, Wonnegau and Rheinhessische Schweiz. This allows us to find the ideal location for every grape variety. As a result, our wines retain their peculiarities and a distinctive variety typology. Our passion is to optimally support the individual character of each individual wine....


Weingut H. L. Menger
Horst Menger
Hauptstraße 12
67575 Eich

Tel.: (0049) 6246 298