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Sauvignon_blanc © Gut Erbes


The Erbes winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen. Its vineyards "Spiesheimer Osterberg" and "Ensheimer Kachelberg" are favored by the sunny micro and mesoclimate. Therefore, the Romans already grew wine in this area. Here, the Erbes winery has one of the best lime marl soils. The typical terroir influenced wines of the Erbes winery have been awarded several times, for example the Sauvignon Blanc QbA, Chardonnay Auslese, Riesling Auslese, Blue Pinot Noir selection and many others. Specialties of the...


Heribert Erbes
Berggäßchen 6
55288 Spiesheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 7045

© Weingut Eckert

The Laurentiushof - winery Eckert

In the highest district of Mainz, in Mainz-Ebersheim, we are growing wine in the fourth generation already. We are a family run winery. Our vineyards, at the "gate to Rheinhessen", are located in the districts of Mainz-Ebersheim, Zornheim and Alzey-Heimersheim. Special vineyards are the Ebersheimer Hüttberg, Ebersheimer Sand, Heimersheimer Rotenfels and Heimersheimer Sonnenberg. For generations the craft was passed on. Tradition and innovation distinguish us. As part of the Mainzer Winzer eV we represent Mainz and the Mainz...


Der Laurentiushof - Weingut Eckert
Markus Eckert
Laurentiusstraße 22
55129 Mainz

Tel.: 0049 6136 44752

eckert1 © Eckert Dreimorgenhof

Wein- und Obsthof Michael and Christoph Eckert- Dreimorgenhof

Our family-run wine and fruit farm, the Dreimorgenhof, is located between Klein-Winternheim and Nieder-Olm. We are a typical Rheinhessen mixed farm with viticulture, fruits, agriculture and asparagus. In our year-round farm shop we offer our wines from the hand of young winemaker Christoph Eckert, and depending on the season, various fruits, asparagus and potatoes. Everything from own cultivation. On the estate English and German are spoken.


Wein- und Obsthof Michael und Christoph Eckert- Dreimorgenhof
Michael und Christoph Eckert
Beelitzweg 2
55270 Ober-Olm

Tel.: (0049) 6136 89421

© Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Erbeldinger

Winery Bastianshauser Hof - Erbeldinger

The Bastianshauser Hof is located in the middle of the vineyards - 3 km west of Bechtheim. In the small district of Bechtheim-West, the Sebastian and Ralf Erbeldinger and their families are dedicated to the production of high-quality quality wines. The Erbeldinger famlilies live for and with the wine, following the idea "Enthusiastic wine quality is our claim - enthusiastic wine lovers our goal". On 19 hectares of vines thrive in addition to the traditional varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc,...


Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Erbeldinger
Sebastian und Ralf Erbeldinger
West 18
67595 Bechtheim-West

Tel.: (0049) 6244 4942

margaretenhof_logo_internet © Weingut Eckhard

Winery Eckhard GbR - Margaretenhof

At the Margaretenhof winery in Schwabenheim, the Eckhard family leads a life with and for the wine. Viticulture has been part of the family for more than 150 years. With Steve Eckhard, a member of the highly acclaimed young generation of winegrowers from the Rheinhessen region swings the scepter in vineyard and cellar. With a sound education at his back (winemaker since 2003) and international experience, Steve Eckhard is breaking new ground - with much success. He has made it his mission to work out the individual strengths of the...


Weingut Eckhard - Margaretenhof
Silke und Steve Eckhard
Am Sportfeld 23
55270 Schwabenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6130 1338

Eimermann1 © Weingut Eimermann - Domtalhof

Winery Eimermann - Domtalhof

We are a young and dynamic winery from the idyllic district Nierstein-Schwabsburg in Rheinhessen and have dedicated ourselves to the production of complex high-quality wines. These grow in the Niersteiner TOP locations Pettenthal, Oelberg Heiligenbaum and form the foundation stone of our winery. Many small villages characterize the landscape and nice people the hospitality. Mass tourism can be found here in vain. The ideal place for our winery! At the moment we cultivate about 16 hectares of vineyards in the best locations of the...


Weingut Eimermann - Domtalhof
Thore Eimermann
Hauptstraße 116+134
55283 Nierstein-Schwabsburg

Tel.: (0049) 6133 59347