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Logo domain © Staatliche Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim

Staatliche Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim

The wine-growing domain Oppenheim was founded in 1895 by Ernst Ludwig Grand Duke of Hessen and near Rhein. Of all state vineyards in Rhineland-Palatinate, it is the only one of the Verband der Prädikatsweingüter (VDP). 23 hectares of vineyards are now owned by the domain operation. Including many in the top locations of the Rhine terrace: Oppenheimer Herrenberg, Oppenheimer Sackträger and Niersteiner Glöck (in sole ownership). In the basement, Thorsten Eller has been director of the cellar for two years. It is his...


Staatliche Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim
Michael Lipps
Wormser Straße 162
55276 Oppenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6133 930305

Burghof_Oswald__Guntersblum © Weingut Burghof Oswald

Winery Burghof Oswald

The traditional winery is located in the middle of Guntersblum. At present, three generations live in the old Frankish courtyards with their striking tower. Head of winery Fred Oswald cultivates 20 hectares of vineyards. The vineyards on the Rheinterrasse are mainly planted with classic grape varieties: Silvaner, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Pinot are the main varieties. To excite the natural aroma potential of the grapes, he takes the winery the risk of late harvest and reduces the yield. The vinification and the...


Weingut und Gutsschänke Burghof Oswald
Fred Oswald
Alsheimer Straße 11
67583 Guntersblum

Tel.: (0049) 6249 2392

Hatzfelder_Hof © Weingut Hatzfelder Hof

Winery Hatzfelderhof

A Rheinhessen family business where three generations live and work together. The senior bosses Hans u. Elisabeth Obenauer, the operations manager son Johannes and wife Ulrike with their children Eva and Max. "Not doing as much as possible but doing the right thing at the right time marks a good winemaker." Under this motto, the whole family works on quality to produce embossed wines. The perfect timing of the harvest with high physiological maturity, the relatively small plots (terroir) and the individual vinification are...


Weingut Hatzfelder Hof
Johannes Obenauer
Alzeyer Straße 17
67592 Flörsheim-Dalsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6243 7226

© Weingut J. G. Orb

Winery JG Orb

Location | Vines | Soil The building "Kurpfälzisches Kelterhaus" and the associated cellars in Westhofen today house the J.G. Orb winery.  Since 2019 the brothers Jan G. and Jens G. have been responsible for the wine style. The assortment is divided according to the "Location | Vine | Soil" classification. Quality is not a trend, but an instinct in dealing with the vines and nature. "Where we feel at home, our vines are at home". A terraced landscape garden...


Weingut J. G. Orb
J.G. Orb
Am Markt 9-13
67593 Westhofen

Tel.: (0049) 6244 828