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"Tradition with a future" - less is more! True to this motto, the company size has been adjusted to focus on the essentials. Juicy fresh local and varietal wines that are fun, authentic vineyard wines with character and filigree dessert wines that convince. New: new, modern label series | 2013er local and varietal wines. Long-standing and reliable partner of trade and gastronomy. Exclusive bottlings.

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Enjoyment is our passion Wein & Secco Köth, located in southern Rheinhessen, has developed out of an agricultural enterprise. In recent decades, the company has dedicated itself to the creation of innovative products related to wine. Ralf Köth leads the fortunes of the company today in the 5th generation. Not only did he broaden his range of traditional wines, he also created new styles with an innovative character. As a master winemaker, Ralf Köth uses his knowledge of wine in combination with his passion for new product ideas....


In the southernmost tip of Rheinhessen, in Offstein, the winery Keth is located. Georg Jakob Keth is one of the red wine protagonists in Rheinhessen. His experience in the development and expansion of red wines in an international format makes him a sought-after guide. His hobby is the Pinot Noir, but he also knows how to prepare excellent red wines from the Portuguese. His other favorite is the Saint Laurent, but he also takes the international classics Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Keths style: these are strong red wines, which are...


history In 1714, the ancestors of the Kissel family came to Saulheim and laid the foundation for a farm. Through determination and diligence, they quickly gained prestige, which can still be seen today on a street named after the family in the old town center of Saulheim, the "Kisselgasse". In 1923, Karl Kissel I, the grandfather of the present generation, began to concentrate exclusively on viticulture and wine trade. By the purchase of vineyards, he gradually built a wine house. The Weinhaus Kissel is today run by Charles...


Winery Abthof - with his head in the sky and his feet on earth In Rheinhessen Hahnheim is the ABTHOF of the Koch family. Since 2015, son Martin has been fully integrated in the family business. In order to advance the quality, several major projects and developments have already been successfully advanced. Successes at national and international tastings confirm the emerging trend. In doing so, they see themselves as responsible for the gift of creation and the sustainable protection of nature and thus follow in the footsteps of the...


Winery Kühling Gillot The history of our winery can be started 35 million years ago, when the primeval sea covered today's Mainz basin. It is also possible to start our story more than 200 years ago when our family settled on the Red Slope and began to grow wine. And finally, you can start the history of our winery in 2006. Because despite the primeval sea and primeval soil and long family tradition, we have developed radically in recent years. A metamorphosis. Organic farming, biodynamic elements, natural fermentation, long yeast...


Eichelmann 2014: "Overall, a convincing idea: It's moving forward!" Gault Millau 2014: "Dr. Koehler has done a lot. New are the intensive, spontaneously fermented dry vineyard Rieslings: Hasensprung and Rosengarten announce a quality boost with Dr. med. Koehler. "Falstaff Wine Guide 2014:" Christian Dreissigacker leads the winery Dr. med. Koehler to the top, ... but he does not only look at tradition, but also at today and tomorrow. "


Artisanal and ecological viticulture as well as a traditional winemaking as basis for characterful wines of highest quality. Gault Millau 2016: "Flonheim tastes like Flonheim! Also in the year 2014: The estate wines are light years away from the mainstream and convince by substance and juiciness About the crisp Scheurebe or the Silvaner, the honest traction. At the Flonheimer Riesling shows Patrick Kampf so much profile that we wish him even more such mature wines from him ".

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