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Winery Heinz Lemb

Welcome to the winegrowing family Lemb-Becker, Mainz-Hechtsheim In the old center of Hechtsheim the winery Heinz Lemb can be found. Our company looks back on a long tradition of winemaking and agriculture. With the marriage of Sigrid Lemb and winemaker Jürgen Becker from Udenheim, not only our family grew, but the red wines married into our assortment. The conscientious management of our vineyards is close to our hearts. During the careful handling of the wines from the cellar to bottling, we put our particular...


Weingut Heinz Lemb
Sigrid Lemb-Becker
Grauelstraße 8
55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6131 509116

© Weingut Lahm

Winery Lahm

Preserving tradition, maintaining values and integrating modernity - that is the basic idea of the Lahm family of winegrowers. For generations, they have been concerned with wine, gentle processing and the integration of modern methods. Modern architecture and traditional wine culture meet in the vinotheque "Vunum LL".


Weingut Lahm
Leo Lahm
Außerhalb 1
55232 Ensheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 1766

Steffen autumn

Winery Lahm

The Lahm winery is located in the middle of Germany's largest wine-growing region Rheinhessen, in the small wine-growing community Nack, nestled between the Donnersberg, a beautiful forest landscape, vast fields and endless vineyards. In this fertile, sunny landscape we live and work with the wine.


Weingut Lahm
Steffen Lahm
Bechenheimer Straße 27
55234 Nack

Tel.: (0049) 6736 325

DSC_0046 © Weingut Lamberth

Winery Lamberth

The Lamberth family winery, a wine-growing enterprise of 19 hectares, is located in Rheinhessen on the Rhine terrace between Mainz and Worms. All wines are grown in their own vineyards, vinified and bottled on the estate. Around the small community Ludwigshöhe mainly classic grape varieties are grown. In addition to the white varieties Riesling, Silvaner, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, there are red wines from Dornfelder, Portugieser, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The wines of the wine...


Weingut Lamberth
Carsten Lamberth
Kirchstraße 20
55278 Ludwigshöhe

Tel.: (0049) 6249 8611

© Weingut Landgraf

Winery Landgraf

"Through the sustainable and quality-conscious nature of organic farming, we work in harmony with nature, increase the fertility of the soil and preserve the natural aroma of the grapes. After all, our passion is still for the traditional wine-growing trade, which gives rise to the characteristic Landgraf wines with their subtle nuances. "- this is the credo. Eichelmann 2013: 3.5 stars - "newcomer of the year". "In Andre Landgraf everything is right and it goes steadily ahead: The estate wines are clear and...


Weingut Landgraf
Andre Landgraf
Außerhalb 9
55291 Saulheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 5126

Laubenstein1 © Weingut Laubenstein

Winery Laubenstein

For almost 200 years and with the 5th & 6th generation now the Laubenstein family has been managing their winery. In the Gensingen vineyards, right in the heart of the "Rheinhessische Toscana", fine Rieslings, voluminous Pinot Gris, ripe Pinot Noir, crunchy Sauvignon Blancs and characteristic Cabernet Sauvignons flourish. "The quality and identity of a wine comes from the vineyard and is then in a gentle, sensitive processing in the cellar ennobled ", the credo of the winery. With traditional...


Weingut Laubenstein
Hans-Wilhelm Laubenstein
Bahnhofstraße 6
55457 Gensingen

Tel.: (0049) 6727 8575