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Laubenstein1 © Weingut Laubenstein

Winery Laubenstein

For almost 200 years and with the 5th & 6th generation now the Laubenstein family has been managing their winery. In the Gensingen vineyards, right in the heart of the "Rheinhessische Toscana", fine Rieslings, voluminous Pinot Gris, ripe Pinot Noir, crunchy Sauvignon Blancs and characteristic Cabernet Sauvignons flourish. "The quality and identity of a wine comes from the vineyard and is then in a gentle, sensitive processing in the cellar ennobled ", the credo of the winery. With traditional...


Weingut Laubenstein
Hans-Wilhelm Laubenstein
Bahnhofstraße 6
55457 Gensingen

Tel.: (0049) 6727 8575

listmann_sandsteinscheune-internet © Weingut Listmann

Winery Listmann

Listmann: wine, pleasure, garden The Wine - With a sense of nature and the best craftsmanship, we produce wines of great character in renown vineyards in Dorn-Dürkheim, Alsheim, Guntersblum, Mettenheim and Westhofen. And in the sixth generation already, since 1853. The pleasure - In summer, the 100-year-old sandstone barn turns into a destination for wine lovers from the entire Rhine-Main area. Guests enjoy refreshing white wines or velvety reds, seasonal, home-cooked food and refined pies. The Garden - 2,500 cut...


Weingut Listmann
Leif Listmann
Bechtheimer Straße 12
67585 Dorn-Dürkheim

Tel.: (0049) 6733 1650

2015 new building © Weingut Luy - martin´s weinklang

Winery Luy - martin's weinklang

We are: old and young, traditional and modern. We take the best of everything. We make wine and music and  bring them together we love and live together. Pure and clean! - Try it. English speaking visitors are welcome


Weingut Luy - martin´s weinklang
Martin Luy
Pfaffenhofer Straße 14
55270 Schwabenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6130 1514

logo-leber_1 © Weingut Stefan Leber

Winery Stefan Leber

At the gates of the wine town of Mainz, this Hechtsheim winery can be found. Most of the vineyards are located beside the sun-drenched Rhine front in Laubenheim and Bodenheim, where the most important grape varieties of Riesling and Pinot Gris grow and thrive. In the Leber winery you will find an extensive portfolio of exotic and international wines, which are developed in different flavors. Stefan Leber is responsible for the well-being of the vineyards and the development of the wines. With his motto "Joy of life...


Weingut Stefan Leber
Stefan Leber
Klein-Winternheimer Weg 4
55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6131 507371