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Human, vine and environment! These are the three factors for independent wines. For more than 6 centuries, the Hiestand family has lived in harmony with nature and its vines. Every day we work anew to bring the harmony and fruit of our grapes together with the power and minerality of the classic layers of the Rhine front into the bottle and thus to you. The class and breed of our Gutsabfüllungen from small and fine individual layers offer you enjoyment.


Eco-winery (ECOVIN), careful treatment of grapes, penchant for Burgunders, noble Rotweincuvées and oak barrels, wide range of fresh-fruity and full-bodied white wines, flexible and reliable partner for trade and gastronomy, very good value for money. New: Vegan certification since 2014, high quality new equipment for the wines and sparkling wines, 2013 GREEN TOUGH® and PINKZEUG®.


The family winery is located in the tourist town of Gau-Algesheim. Moderate yields through sustainable management are the endeavor of winemaker Klaus Hattemer. With utmost care he produces wholesome and fruity wines and Winzersekte. His special passion is his winemaker's sect made in his own champagne. High awards have been achieved here for years. Enjoyment tip: In winter and in spring, the Hattemer family welcomes guests in their Gutsausschank with great wines and culinary delights from the Gutsküche.


"Am Rothes" - that is the finest Rheinhessen dialect and means "Am Rathaus". There at the town hall in Aspisheim lies the winery of the Hothum family. A family business like a picture book. Karlfried and Regina Hothum have "written" a very exciting wine history in the small wine town with its XXL panorama. More than 20 years ago, they tackled the transition to organic farming, released a lot of energy and built a veritable sparkling wine factory. Now the children bring Andreas, Christoph and Benjamin - all...


Already since the 17th century the family Hinkel manages the winery in Framersheim, a small village in Selztal between Alzey and Nierstein. Dr. Roland Hinkel manages this winery and knows how to combine tradition with the modern orientation of winemaking. In the years 1987 to 1989, for example, he turned the company over to a modern, innovative and environmentally friendly way of doing business, in keeping with the motto "Viticulture with wisdom". He became the model for a whole generation of winemakers. Today the wines of Dr. Ing....


The winery Fritz Ekkehard Huff is a family business as it is in the book and is now run in the third generation by Fritz Ekkehard Huff. For the Vinifikation since its daughter Christine is responsible. The estate in Rheinhessen is known for products of the highest quality, which are characterized above all by the joy of experimentation and the associated urge to innovate. Creativity meets passion The outstanding level of wines from the winery Fritz Ekkehard Huff has since spread far beyond the borders of Rheinhessen. So the winery...


The winery Georg Gustav Huff looks back on more than 350 years of winemaking tradition. Passing on experience and knowledge from generation to generation is an invaluable asset and one of the foundations of success. At the moment, Dieter Huff and the sons Daniel and Stefan Huff are responsible for the development of the wines. Helga and Stefanie Huff look after the customers in the tasting room and on the telephone. The best locations are in the Red Slope, which is characterized by the red Tonschieferboden. This barren soil produces...

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