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© Weingut Abthof

Winery Abthof

Winery Abthof - with the head in the sky and the feet on earth In Rheinhessen Hahnheim is the ABTHOF of the Koch family. Since 2015, son Martin has been fully integrated in the family business. In order to advance the quality, several major projects and developments have already been successfully advanced. Successes at national and international tastings confirm the emerging trend. In doing so, they see themselves as responsible for the gift of creation and the sustainable protection of nature and thus follow in the footsteps...


Weingut Abthof - Herbert und Martin Koch
Martin Koch
Bahnhofstraße 27
55278 Hahnheim

Tel.: (0049) 6737 380

Logo_Weingut_Adam © Weingut Adam

Winery Adam

Our winery is located in the center of Rheinhessen - the land of the 1,000 hills - about 20 km from Mainz, Bingen and Alzey. Our family is operating viticulture in the fourth generation already. We have always attached great importance to the processing of the best quality for bottle wine production. Each variety is dedicated with great care. Thanks to yield-reducing selection and controlled fermentation in cooling tanks, we achieve a continuously increased quality of our wines. Our most recent development is our...


Weingut Adam
Thomas Adam
Am Weiher 18
55288 Partenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 1289

Winery Adams

Pit Punda, Frankfurt / Main (January 2014) "Fantastic Gourmet Experience" Rex Neve, Amsterdam (November 2013) "This is big Pinot Noir cinema ... Simone Adams is absolutely a name that you should remember. "Peter Keller, Zurich (October 2013).


Weingut Adams
Simone Adams
Altegasse 28
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

Tel.: (0049) 6132 790800

about summary page © Weingut Antweiler

Winery Antweiler

The winery with the personal flair Our winery is located in the middle of the winegrowing community of Volxheim. On gentle hills under the hard-working sun of Rheinhessen, our wines thrive under the best possible conditions. Nature spoils our vines. We trust it and do nothing but refine its gifts - for the sake of our wines! This is how the grapes grow and thrive, from which we make velvety, full-bodied red wines and young, fresh white wines for the uncomplicated wine enjoyment. On the estate only German is spoken.


Weingut Antweiler
Rainer Antweiler
Untergasse 14
55546 Volxheim

Tel.: (0049) 6703 891

© Weingut Margaretenhof

Winery Margaretenhof

We are managing the Margaretenhof winery in the 5th generation already. With us everything is "handmade", as a typical family business we carry out all work from pruning to bottling ourselves - we know all our vines "personally". The production of healthy, fully ripe grapes with moderate yield, gentle grape processing and a restrained fermentation guarantee maximum enjoyment. In 2015 we celebrated the anniversary 50 years of bottled wine and direct marketing of this tradition we feel obliged. Like a...


Weingut Margaretenhof
Britta und Ernst-Heinrich Ahl
Tempelgasse 9
67574 Osthofen

Tel.: (0049) 6242 915246


Winery Steigerhof

The philosophy at Steigerhof is to combine tradition with modernity. Winemaker Albert Ackermann (1st generation) and daughter Jennifer Ackermann (winemaker 2nd generation) complement each other in every way. Father Albert Ackermann does the vineyard work and daughter Jennifer proves that she can do it in the cellar. "Our goal is to produce individual and wholesome wines, which have a lot of fruit potential and variety typicality. From the filigree Silvaner to the dense Cabernet Mitos, from the fruity Pinot Noir to the heavy Pinot Gris...


Weingut Steigerhof
Jennifer Ackermann
55296 Harxheim

Tel.: (0049) 6138 6841