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Logo vino fredi © Weingut Dessoy

Dessoy winery

Frederike Dessoy and Florian Schnell met during their studies in Geisenheim and took over the hobby business from father Andree Dessoy in 2014. Their goal is creating sustainable and natural wines. They see their wines as "terroir ambassadors" making the profile of their homeland unmistakable! The alchemy of soil, microclimate, topography and the unique “Dessoy signature” make the wines appear dynamic and mineral at the same time without losing their lightness and freshness. The young winery...


Weingut Dessoy
Frederike Dessoy
Außerhalb Kempten 74
55411 Bingen-Kempten

Tel.: (0049) 6721 799060

© Weingut Dreissigacker

Dreissigacker winery

In 2001 Jochen Dreissigacker pressed his first wine "GEYERSBERG Riesling dry". In 2005, the 39-year-old took over the 42 hectare family winery in Bechtheim, Rheinhessen, which has been eco-certified since 2007. The autonomy of his wines has been his main goal right from the start, in order to implement his ideas with as little influence as possible to differentiate himself from the competition. But independence is not one of the simplest endeavors: The separately developed vineyards, the manual work that goes down to the...


Weingut Dreissigacker
Jochen Dreissigacker
Untere Klinggasse 4
67595 Bechtheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 2425

© Weingut Wasem Doppelstück

Wasem winery Doppelstück

The Wasem Doppelstück winery focuses on quality, femininity, craftsmanship and, above all, sustainability. That is why the company is converting to organic viticulture by 2022. Due to the marriage of Jochen and Magda Wasem, the parents of Burkhard Wasem, the winery has not only been cultivating Ingelheim sites since 1962, but also Elsheimer soils with a distinctive soil culture. And now the new and fourth generation follows with Marie and Julia Wasem. The winery is a combination of many years of experience and young dynamism. The focus...


Weingut Wasem Doppelstück
Stiegelgasse 50
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein

Tel.: 0613243370

© Weingut Dackermann

Winery Dackermann

Wine of a new generation ... tradition meets modernity Dear wine lovers First, let us introduce ourselves. The winery Dackermann has been a traditional family business since 1913, which has been owned by the family for four generations. Despite all tradition we are young... dynamic... creative... qualitative... For four years I, Sascha Dackermann, as master winemaker have been responsable for the winery, for delicious and fully ripe grapes of high quality. When we grow grapes we work very gently and...


Weingut Dackermann
Sascha Dackermann
Gaustraße 15
67596 Dittelsheim-Heßloch

Tel.: (0049) 6244 7054

© Weingut Dätwyl

Winery Dätwyl

In 1801, our ancestors came from Switzerland and were enthusiastic about the generous, formerly baronial estate with optimal conditions for viticulture. The Achim + Heiko Dettweiler brothers in the 8th generation share this motivation and enthusiasm unchanged. Both have studied viticulture in Geisenheim after completing a practical viticulture apprenticeship and are responsible for vineyards, cellars and wine tasting. Their wives Heike Dettweiler and Nicole Kühnel are responsible for accounting, event planning, customer service and...


Weingut Dätwyl
Heiko und Heike Dettweiler
Hauptstraße  11
67587 Wintersheim

Tel.: (0049) 6733 8209

logo © Weingut Dechent

Winery Dechent

Discover our Rheinhessen wines produced with heart and love Operating Philosophy: Quality awareness and sustainability are our motivation to make good wines. That is why we pay special attention to the care of our soils, our grapevines and the grapes. With targeted pruning and bud reduction, defoliation and the "green harvest" in August, we achieve the best quality for our grapes. The Saulheimer locations Schlossberg, Hölle and Probstey as well as Stadecker Lenchen with weathered floors of calcareous loam, clay and marl...


Weingut Dechent
Lydia und Mario Dechent
Auf dem Römer 9
55291 Saulheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 2128


Winery Dechent

"Successful balancing act between tradition and a modern, the climatic conditions adapted viticulture." So we see the development in our since second generation sideline operated winery. Our top priority is to plant only the vines for which we have the right soil and the right location. The geological and small-climatic diversity in the heart of Rheinhessen, combined with the ambition to use the "gifts" of nature in a quality-oriented manner, are good prerequisites for creating a wide range of wines. Although we do not...


Familienweingut Dechent
Oliver Becker
Schillerstraße 12
55291 Saulheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 964159

Diehl-Blees Winery 004 © Weingut Diehl-Blees

Winery Diehl-Blees

Our winery has been operating viticulture since 1579 and is idyllically situated in the middle of the vineyard Jugenheimer Goldberg in the heart of Rheinhessen. Currently 15 different grape varieties are grown and individually vinified. The spectrum ranges from Dornfelder Barrique to Pinot Blanc Classic to the noble-sweet specialty. The operating philosophy "The small winery with the great wines" is always the focus. Numerous awards from the DLG and the Chamber of Agriculture confirm our consistent quest for the best...


Weingut Diehl-Blees GPRO (Germany) Delelopment GmbH
Ariane Blees
Am Goldberg 1
55270 Jugenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6130 401