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Ritzheim winery

With two motivated young winemakers, the next generation is well catered for. We are the Ritzheim winery. These include Albert and Ute Ritzheim, who are currently running the winery, and Christian and Carsten Ritzheim, who want to take over the winery in the future. Viticulture has been in our family since 1865 and we want to uphold this tradition. With a wide range of Pinot, Riesling and Portugieser wines, we have many delicious wines in our portfolio. Christian and Carsten bring their own ideas to the company. For...


Weingut Ritzheim
Christian Ritzheim
Dolgesheimer Straße 16
55278 Uelversheim

Tel.: 062492216

© Weinbau Roß

Viticulture Ross

We are a winery with long-standing roots. Already in 1561 the first ancestors lived in our guest house **** in Mölsheim. The estate with its wine cellar building from the 19th century is a Rheinhessen family business in the Zellertal, in which the tasks are done hand in hand and across generations. We work with nature, conscious that we not only take it, but also reproduce it. Tradition and modernity are cornerstones of the company. We produce sparkling white wines from Riesling and Pinot grapes. In order to preserve the...


Weinbau Roß
Alexander Roß
Kalkofen 4
67591 Mölsheim/Zellertal

Tel.: (0049) 6243 7860

fu C bank small jan 2014 © Weingut Kathrinenhof

Winery Kathrinenhof Frank and Christian Reichert GbR

Our wines grow on the sunny hills of Rheinhessen and are maintained  and vinified by Frank and Christian Reichert with much love. Since 1992 we have been managing our vineyards according to the guidelines of the working group "Kontrolliert umweltschonender Weinbau Rheinhessen eV." Visit to the winery by appointment at any time. We are happy to deliver your order directly to your cellar as part of our delivery tours. You can also find us at the following wine festivals: Mainzer Weintage, Pinneberger Weinfest, Mainzer...


Weingut Kathrinenhof Frank und Christian Reichert GbR
Frank und Christian Reichert
Hahnheimer Str. 11
55578 Wolfsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6701 1423

amber-runkel © Weingut Philipp Runkel

Winery Philipp Runkel

The Bernd Philipp Runkel winery looks back on a long tradition. Since the 1990s, winemaker Bernd Runkel has been processing 7 ha of vineyards in Bechtheim (Rheinhessen), which have been family-owned for five generations. Bernd Runkel is a calm, thoughtful man with a sense of humor in his eyes and blessed with a pleasant and enigmatic humor, qualities that are reflected in his wines: how the conductor harmonizes the interplay of different instruments or how the painter coordinates his colours in a single picture. so Bernd Runkel...


Weingut Philipp Runkel
Bernd Runkel
Ludwigstraße 10
67595 Bechtheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 1297

Raddeck_cmyk_oNSW © Weingut Raddeck

Winery Raddeck

The family: A wine is as unique as the people who make it. Besides experience, it is the passion that makes a good wine. In the case of very big wines, on the other hand, the vision of the winegrower is at the beginning, which then takes shape very gradually in meticulous manual work in large locations. The Wine: In the long run, it is only in harmony with nature. Organic viticulture is an important guarantee for the excellent quality of our wines. The winery: Modern winery in the middle of the vineyards with a magnificent view...


Weingut Raddeck
Am Hummertal 100
55283 Nierstein

Tel.: (0049) 6133 58115