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Schmitt Rieth_PorträtInternet © Weingut Christophorus-Hof

Winery Christophorus-Hof

The winery Christophorus-Hof has been in the hands of women with a lot of power and tradition - since 1654. Riesling and Silvaner are the most important grape varieties in the vineyard. Simone Schmitt-Rieth rules the cellar - and the whole business in general. The viticulture technician can sing a song about which special challenges Silvaner places to the cellar people. The beautiful wine shop invites you to taste. On the estate English and German are spoken.


Weingut Christophorus-Hof
Simone Schmitt-Rieth
Heuerstraße 13
55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6131 593154

© Weingut Clemens

Winery Clemens

Passion is a top priority at the Clemens winery. This has already been transferred to the younger generation, because the success of their parents Elmar and Petra in national and international competitions makes the three girls very proud. The first own wines have already been filled by Ronja and Selina and rewarded with high own awards. After their training, the two then climb into the amily businss, that has been existing since 1945. New ideas for improving quality and for marketing measures are already being tackled - this is never...


Weingut Clemens
Petra und Elmar Clemens
Steiggasse 2a
55286 Sulzheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 63958