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falkenhof2 © Wein- und Gästehaus FALKENHOF

HOTEL Wein- und Gästehaus FALKENHOF

The Abenheim HOTEL Wein- und Gästehaus FALKENHOF welcomes you in a wonderful feel-good ambience. - wine sale in Wonnegaustrasse 102 - Your taste is important to us - Gift trade for companies and private customers - HOTEL - Bed and Breakfast - Enjoy and relax With great real wood furniture, rich breakfast buffet, friendly staff and a huge selection of drinks ... The name FALKENHOF is derived from the original surname Falkenstein. The winery has been family owned for five generations. ... 1981- The new barrel cellars...


HOTEL Wein- und Gästehaus FALKENHOF
Werner Kercher
Wonnegaustraße 102
67550 Worms-Abenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 2427

black title © Weinhof Fischborn-Schenk

Weinhof Fischborn-Schenk

The Fischborn-Schenk winery has been existing since 1833, founded under the surname Fischborn. In 1929, by marriage, it came under the direction of the Schenk family, which has its origin in the Swabia country (Reutlingen). Today, the farm is run in the 5th generation by Hans-Werner Schenk with the active support of his wife Matina and covers an area of 14 ha. Since Biebelsheim has a very varied soil structure, we concentrate particularly on traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner and the Pinots. English...


Weinhof Fischborn-Schenk
Hans-Werner Schenk
Weingasse 2
55546 Biebelsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6701 1214

Flick__Bechtolsheim © Weingut Alexander Flick

Winery Alexander Flick

Viticulture since 1600 - the Petersberg family, which is visible from afar, is the home of the Flick winegrower family in Bechtolsheim. Three generations are pulling together here. Birgit and Ulrich provide with vigor and drive for the vineyards, Marlies and Günter are with experience and energy to the side. The young generation, Katharina (viticulture technician) and Alexander (Dipl.-Ing. Weinbau), bring a breath of fresh air to the cellar and to sales. Many ideas and a great dose of experimentation of the young winemakers ensure...


Weingut Alexander Flick
Alexander Flick
Brückesgasse 15
55234 Bechtolsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6733 6814

© Weingut Feldmann

Winery Feldmann

Armsheim lies in the middle of Rheinhessen - we are in the middle of Armsheim On 20 hectares, our grapes thrive before being harvested by the family and turned into a delicious wine. We go for quality, raher than mass. This is very important to us. Our efforts are rewarded. The Chamber of Agriculture Rhineland-Palatinate honors our wines with chamber-price coins, and our wines are finding more and more friends throughout Germany. Of course you will also find Winzersekt and Seccos in our assortment. We look forward to you. Celine...


Weingut Feldmann
Udo Feldmann
Bahnhofstraße 26
55288 Armsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6734 492

Fleischmann-405-b © Weingut Fleischmann

Winery Fleischmann

The Mediterranean estate of the Fleischmann family is located in the heart of the city Gau-Algesheim am Rhein. They manage 17ha of vineyards. Quirin and Stephanie Fleischmann have run the business for 20 years and are supported by son Fabian, who studied viticulture and oenology in Geisenheim. The winery devotes its special attention to the vinification of traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner and Pinot varieties. For us, being a winemaker means being passionate about striving for quality and in harmony with vine and...


Weingut Fleischmann
Quirin und Stephanie Fleischmann
Kloppgasse 8
55435 Gau-Algesheim

Tel.: 0049 6725 3276

logo_frenz © Weingut Frenz

Winery Frenz

The Frenz winery has been dealing with wine for generations and is a typical Rheinhessen mixed farm of wine and arable farming. The tasks are clearly distributed in the company. With the entry of the son, Hubertus Frenz cares mainly about agriculture and Patrick for viticulture. The acreage of the winery is 10 ha, of which 2/3 are white wine and 1/3 red wine. In order to wake the customers' passion for our passion, we work diligently in the vineyard and in the cellar, combining tradition and modern technology. On the estate...


Weingut Frenz

Stielpfad 12
55291 Saulheim

Tel.: 06732/61731