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Fleischmann-405-b © Weingut Fleischmann

Winery Fleischmann

The Mediterranean estate of the Fleischmann family is located in the heart of the city Gau-Algesheim am Rhein. They manage 17ha of vineyards. Quirin and Stephanie Fleischmann have run the business for 20 years and are supported by son Fabian, who studied viticulture and oenology in Geisenheim. The winery devotes its special attention to the vinification of traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner and Pinot varieties. For us, being a winemaker means being passionate about striving for quality and in harmony with vine and...


Weingut Fleischmann
Quirin und Stephanie Fleischmann
Kloppgasse 8
55435 Gau-Algesheim

Tel.: 0049 6725 3276

Friday 1 © Weingut Freitag

Winery Friday

We are a family winery which delivered to large wineries only until 2012. With the entry of our son Philipp in 2013 as cellar master we stsrted bottling our wines ourselves. We are particularly proud of our first star in the Eichelmann 2015 and our good results in numerous national and international wine competitions. Quote Eichelmann 2015: "A good debut that exemplifies the potential of Rheinhessen." On the estate English and German is spoken.


Weingut Freitag
Christa Kaffei-Freitag & Philipp Freitag
Außerhalb 6
55291 Saulheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 5236

Stadt_Mainz__Fleischer_ © Weingut der Stadt Mainz

Winery of the city of Mainz

The winemaking tradition of the Fleischer family can be traced back to a document from 1742. Since the rebuilding of the winery on Rheinhessenstraße in 1968, Hans W. and Maria Fleischer have further developed this tradition with passion and innovation. Whether Winzersekt, temperature-controlled fermentation of white wines or red wines aged in wooden barrels, Fleischers are still among the pioneers in Rheinhessen. After 3 years of experimentation in the leased in 2009 winery Lieutenant Colonel Liebrecht from Bodenheim, in 2012 the...


Weingut der Stadt Mainz
Familie Fleischer
Rheinhessenstraße 103
55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

Tel.: (0049) 6131 59797

Fauth-logo_internet © Weingut Rudolf Fauth

Winery Rudolf Fauth

Family-run winery from the central hill country of Rheinhessen. The potential, the profound loess, planted with predominantly old vines, is found again in the wines of Rudolf Fauth. Wide range in white and red, dessert wines, sparkling wines of the extra class! Interesting partner for wine merchants / importers from neighboring countries, who are looking for a personal connection to the winery.


Weingut Rudolf Fauth
Rudolf Fauth
Freiherr-von-Dachroth-Straße 19
55288 Udenheim

Tel.: (0049) 6732 64503

family © Weingut Wartsteigerhof

Winery Wartsteigerhof

We are a family business in Bechtheim, located in southern Rheinhessen, near Worms. We cultivate all our vineyards ourselves, because the quality of the wine begins in the vineyard. We vinify it ourselves in our cellar and bottle it ourselves. The name of the Friederich family's wine estate, Wartsteigerhof, is due to the historic past of this road, this sunken road was already known as Roman army road to Mainz. For centuries, the "Wartturm" at the height of the ravine was the landmark of Bechtheim. It was...


Weingut Wartsteigerhof
Dieter Friederich
Steig bei der Warte 17
67595 Bechtheim

Tel.: (0049) 6242 7587