St. Catherine's Church Oppenheim

Gothic in Oppenheim

St. Catherine's Church

The Katharinenkirche in Oppenheim is one of the most important Gothic churches between Strasbourg and Cologne. The construction of the church took place in sections in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. In addition to the interesting architecture, it is particularly well recognized by their elevated position in Oppenheim. Not only is the appearance of the church impressive, it also has much to offer on the inside. Especially the elaborate windows with the famous Oppenheimer Rose are real eye-catchers. Worthwhile is also a visit to the adjoining Michaelskapelle, which is an ossuary.

The Saint Catherine's church can catch the eye from afar because it's throning majestically above the cit centre of Oppenheim. It was built between the 13th and the 15th century and is a worth seeing example for the gothic architecture. You can discover the specialties of the church individually or in the frame of a guided tour. The latter also brings a spectacular tower outlook over the surrounding vineyards and Landskron castle.

Take a look at the popular glass windows on the south facade, also called rose of Oppenheim. The late medieval glass panes mostly remained original. On the north of the St. Catherine's church is the Michael's chapel, where the bones of approximately 20.000 citizens from Oppenheim from the  middle ages and the early modern times are piled up. It is considered as the biggest and best maintained ossuary in Germany.

For many centuries the church music in the St. Catherine's church played a huge role. Popular organists like Max Reger and Albert Schweitzer once played on an important Walcker organ. Today the church owns an escellent Woehl organ that you can listen to on several concerts.


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The building, praised as the most beautiful Gothic church between Strasbourg and Cologne, is the epitome of Gothic architecture in Rheinhessen. In addition to the excellent architecture, it is characterized above all by its magnificent location, above the former free imperial city, dominated by the Landskron castle ruins. The west towers have been preserved from the foundation building. The Gothic new building began in 1275-79 with the almost central building style, harmoniously balanced eastern parts. The three-nave nave was completed in...

Vivid and impressive sounds

The Woehl organ

Various organs could already be admired in the Katharinenkirche. The newest instrument has been in use since 2006 and fits perfectly to the acoustics of the church.

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