The classic: Hiking between the Rhine and the vineyards on the Rhine Terraces path

Beautiful views and impressive architecture - The long-distance hiking trail connects Mainz and Worms.

The Rheinterrassenweg can justifiably be called a pleasure trail. There is, on the one hand, the overwhelming view of the Rhine, and it is not to be surpassed by the red above Nierstein; on the other hand, the number of worth seeing monuments along the way - he connects the two imperial cathedrals in Mainz and Worms with the Gothic St. Catherine's Church in Oppenheim and many small treasures in the wine villages on the route.

Not to mention wine enjoyment - it automatically sets in on the way through Germany's largest wine region and the world-famous Riesling vineyards on the Rhine.

The route is especially popular with hikers, who like to be seduced by the impressive architecture and inviting wine taverns. The good 75 km route can be easily mastered in six daily stages. Some beautiful well-marked loops extend the enjoyment depending on your mood and condition. The scenery, wine culture and lifestyle, but of course also the good signage along the routes, provide for the enjoyment. Whether high above the river on the Niersteiner Roter Hang or Wonnegau near Worms - the trail always leads the hiker through vineyards on a characteristic terroir - the basis for expressive wines and a varied excursion.

Starting point of the Rheinterrassenweg is either the main station in Worms or the station Roman Theater in Mainz. Speaking of train station: Hikers on the Rheinterrassenweg can leave the car in good conscience. The individual stages can be easily controlled by the left bank of the Rhine from Mainz to Ludwigshafen. This gives you time and again the opportunity to divide the way into stages and return to the starting point. The arrival and departure is always very easy to plan; The path itself usually runs on steep paths without great inclines, making it suitable for everyone.

The Rheinhessen tourism offers package deals, either two stages with base camp in Guntersblum or the whole route to Worms with six nights; Packed lunches and luggage transfers can be booked on request.

Further information is available at . There are also maps, height profiles and descriptions for download set.