Stilisierte Karte von Rheinhessen

Partenheimer Steinberg

A rocky search: Who knows why?

Steinberg is a popular German camp name. Stony, mountainous, the reason is obvious. Only: This does not fit at all to the Partenheimer Steinberg! Clayey loam and marl are present there - so rather a smeary soil that holds water well and gives the vines little drought stress. Also here and there limestone, but reason enough for the naming? Mountainous, on the other hand, can be let pass. Partenheim is located on a loop of the Rheinhessen Pilgrimage Trail. The community took advantage of this to create a biblical wine trail. The Himmelbergshäuschen rests idyllically on the vineyard slope, in the direction of Stadecker Warte.

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facts and figures

Vineyard: 102 hectare Community: Partenheim Sea level: 130-240 m Exposure: Turning north to east
simple vineyard side:

soil types

Marl / pelosol

Clay marl pelosol

Lime-rich clayey deposits of the teritary sea

Deep, calcareous clay soil with a high proportion of swellable clay, lower storage capacity for soil water available to plants, limited water permeability and ventilation, nutrient-rich, very calcareous, moderate warmability, difficult to root through

Full-bodied, dense, rich, moderate acidity, creamy enamel. Expressive, ripe, mango, apricot, honeydew melon, apricot. Less minerality, more fruity, full-bodied sustainability

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Limestone / Rendzina

limestone rendzina

Teritarian marine deposits from a calcareous algae reef

Shallow to medium-sized, very lime-rich, very stony, sandy loam soil, low storage capacity for soil water available to plants, rich in nutrients, rich in lime, good aeration, good heatability, limited rootability

Expressive, lively, aromatic, initially citrus, apple and gooseberry notes, with increasing ripe mango and passion fruit. Balanced acidity, mineral, chalky, elegant, multi-faceted, profound, closed in the youth, great development potential

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