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The Best 50 Straußwirtschaften and Gutsschänken

Wine Compass Rheinhessen

In Rheinhessen there are around 250 Straußwirtschaften or Gutsschänken. With this variety, orientation is important: Where is the wine particularly good? Where do you find a more unusual menu? Where can you sit outside and enjoy a great view?

As always, we shine with info, info, info: Anyone who wants to know a little more about their hosts will get the following information on all 50 StrauWis: You will learn
- how long the wine has been grown and how big the winery is
- something about the philosophy of the winemakers, the grape variety list, cultivation and growing methods
- something about the cuisine: are the basics served or does the menu have a Mediterranean flavour, for example?
- Are young people already at the helm? With what training?
- What is the ambience like, more cosy or more lounge-style? Is there a particularly nice view?
- Easy to use: alphabetical sorting by location (just a small thing, but still).
- Top ten list and last but not least very good photos (almost all by Torsten Zimmermann) not only of the ambience but also of the winemakers.

ISBN: 978-3-942291-35-4
Author: Thomas Ehlke
Softcover, 124 pages
14,00 €

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