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Nature does not always play into our cards and follows its own rules. What is left for us?
Keep a cool head and make the most of it. That is my motto in the often turbulent everyday life of winemakers.
That is all I need to make this precious commodity - my wines. Every year is fascinating and different. That makes living and working with wine exciting and diverse. And this brings fun and enjoyment.

In Bechtheim, Rheinhessen, we are dealing with a calcareous loess-loam soil that is so old that it is almost beyond our imagination. We are talking about two million year old deposits that make our soil extremely rich in nutrients and offer very good water storage capacity. This is ideal for the rooting of our vines. These roots reach soil layers in a depth of up to 20 meters.
Within two million years, there was a lot of time  to collect the power, which the soil transfers to our precious vines. This results in the production of wines with fine fruit, impressive structure, complexity and delicate elegance.
Just like the vines, I am also rooted in my homeland. I love this region, the climate, the people, the family and the rural togetherness.

On the estate only German is spoken.

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About us

  • Winemaker Janine Brüssel
  • sparkling wine
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Weingut Brüssel
Janine Brüssel
Winzerstraße 15 67595 Bechtheim

Processed vineyards

Bechtheimer Geyersberg

Bechtheimer Geyersberg (Vulture hill of Bechtheim)

Rieslings under the wings of birds of prey

In Medieval times, birds of prey were called vultures (German: “Geier”). And these animals are indeed the eponym here. The mountain used to have wooded areas and vultures nested there. The location was already mentioned in documents around 1500 with the name "ym nesten geierßbuhl". On the carbonate-rich loess soils with a high lime content, mainly Rieslings grow, but also many other grape varieties. The wines from there are powerful and expressive – just like birds of prey.

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Bechtheimer Stein

Bechtheimer Stein (Stone of Bechtheim)

Medium gravelly, top Pinots

Another candidate, like "Sonnenberg" and "Hasensprung": "Stein" is an extremely popular vineyard name, resulting in Bechtheimer Stein. This name always refers to the nature of the soil. Yet, anyone who now thinks that the vines growing here are sitting on a hard stone rock is mistaken. The humus-rich loess and clay soil has portions of clayey silt and lime, but is not cast from stone. Instead, it is studded with smaller stones. Pinot varieties in particular appreciate this vineyard site, but other grape varieties also grow here.

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